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Top 12 Rose Species classified in India

The article provides a glimpse of 12 top Indian varieties of roses. This Valentine’s Day, gift a rose plant, not just a rose.

Shipra Singh
Hybrid Tea Rose
Hybrid Tea Rose

Love, beauty, passion – this is what roses signify. But there is more to a rose than just its name! You will be delighted to know this woody plant has a line of varieties; each one is dipped in pristine beauty. It’s hard to compare one with another.  

Here is a glimpse of some of the most popular rose species as classified in India.  

1. Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea or HT as popularly known is one of the most popular varieties, featuring a bushier nature. They make for great cut flowers, as the flowers have 30-50 petals.  

It is a hybrid of tea and perpetual roses.  

When talking of HT, we must mention “Indian Summer” rose. It is a double-flowered variety with a deep fragrance and a subtle charm. Its apricot shade is mesmerizing.  

Indian postal department has released postal stamp of Rose varieties on Jawahar, Bhim, Neelam and Delhi Princess. 

“Double Delight,” “Evening Star,” “Dil-ki-Rani,” “Happiness,” “Golden Giant,” “Love,” “Disco,” “Kiss of Fire,” “Sea Pearl” and “Paradise” are a few names from the vast range of varieties of HT roses. 

2. Grandiflora Rose

This rose is a cross between Floribunda roses and HT. The plant features a cluster of flowers on a single stem. One of the striking features of this rose is its enchanting shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.  

“Earth Song,” and “Pink Parfait” are two examples of Grandiflora rose.  

Grandiflora Rose
Grandiflora Rose

3. Floribunda Rose


This rose is a cross between Polyantha rose and HT. The plant features dense clusters of big flowers in beautiful shades of yellow, white, pink, purple, and orange. This rose is best suited for hedges, as it is a low-growing shrub.  

“Mahak,” “Kusum,” “Prema,” “Rajamani,” “Sindoor,” “Chandrama,” “Golden,” “Rays,” “Summer Snow,” and “Sunil Gavaskar,” are a few names from a line of varieties of Floribunda Rose.  

Floribunda Rose
Floribunda Rose

4. Polyanthas Rose  

This rose requires low maintenance and shows resistance to diseases. This rose provides an eye-catching sight when you grow them along the hedges or in a line of pots. The shades of red, pink, and white make for a fairytale sight in your garden.  

“Sneezy,” “Rashmi,” “Pink Spray,” and “Fairy Rose” are a few names of its varieties.

5. Climber and Rambler Rose 

This rose is like a vine but is not a vine actually. They feature long, stiff canes that can be trained by using a support. Horizontal training stimulates better blossoming. The plant delights everybody by its big flowers that pop up repeatedly during its growing season.  

“Kanyakumari,” “Eden,” and “May Queen” are a few examples of Climbing roses.  

Rambler roses are like climbers but the former is more vigorous with flexible stems and dense blooms. This variety can be easily trained on arches and pergolas, so are great for garden décor. They promise to increase the aesthetic look of your garden manifold. In fact, they can stun with their vibrant beauty!  

“American Pillar” and “Snow Goose” are a couple of examples of this rose.  


Climber Rose
Climber Rose

6. Landscape Rose

This rose flowers throughout the year. They have a sprawling habit, which makes them a great space filler in any garden. They grow low and require less maintenance. Their floral patterns are interesting, giving the entire shrub a charisma.  

“Flower Carpet Coral” and “Flower Carpet Scarlet” are two examples of this rose.  

Landscape Rose
Landscape Rose

7. Shrub Rose

This rose displays features of traditional and modern roses. Flowers have double petals and are closely fitted to each other, giving it a small cabbage-like appearance. You can find them in rainbow shades, except green and blue.  

“Iceberg” and “Beach” are two examples of Shrub rose.  

Shrub Rose
Shrub Rose

8. Bourbon Rose

This rose is a cross between old blush China rose and Damask rose. It is being grown in Haldighatti & Puskar area. This variety is used to produce rose oil thanks to its pleasant fragrance. Flowers can be snow white or dark pink. It is good for making gulkand. 

Zephirine Drouhin” is an example of Bourbon rose.  

Bourbon Rose Zephirine Drouhin
Bourbon Rose Zephirine Drouhin

9. Damask Rose


This rose is a cross between Rosa moschata and Rosa gallica. This variety features flowers from deep pink to light pink. In India, this variety is used to make “attar,” a kind of rose oil.  

Do you know its petals are edible? They are used to make herbal teas, to flavor dishes, or to make preservative gulkand. CSIR-IHBT has developed new varieties and oil extraction technology. 

“Noorjaha,” “Him Jwala,” and “Him Himroz” are examples of Damask rose.  

Damask rose
Damask rose

10. Alba Rose

This is one of the oldest varieties of rose. The plant can withstand shady environment and shows resistance to diseases. The flowers are a lovely pink to white shades with a sweet aroma that soothes the senses.  

Alba Rose
Alba Rose

11. Kashmiri Rose 


This rose is great for cut flowers. It features a light scent and eye-catching bright red flowers. The variety resembles HT. The flower petals are velvety soft to touch and can serve as a perfect gift as a cut flower.  

Miniature Rose
Miniature Rose

12. Miniature Rose  

Miniature roses are cultivated in a manner that they stay small in size. Their stems are petite, but they are hardy and bloom continuously for 2-3 weeks. They are best suited for fencing plants and hanging pots.  

“Baby Love,” “Dazler,” “Lavender Jewel,” and “Beauty Scarlet” are varieties of miniature rose.  

This is not enough, there is a lot to say about roses. 

 Reviewed by 

 Dr. S. S. Sindhu 

Head, Division of Floriculture & Landscaping and 

Coordinator, School of Horticulture 

ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (Pusa Campus),  

New Delhi-110012 (INDIA)  

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