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Top 6 Organic Food Companies in India You Must Know

The organic demand is growing day by day, and with this growing demand, new organic product companies are trying to set their position in the market. Here is the list of top organic food companies in India

Sangeeta Soni
Different Organic Food

Organic products are made with ingredients derived from organic farming. The demand for organic products is increasing every day, and new organic product companies are attempting to establish themselves in the market.

Here is the list of top Organic food companies in India- 

Organic Shop 

This brand was established by Manuj Terapanthi who took an initiative to abstain from the chemicals and produced crops with all-natural ingredients. This brand is not only performing well in India but has also acquired a huge customer base in Europe.  

Naturally Yours 

This brand was established by Priya Prakash and Vinod Kumar in 2010. They aim to enable customers to access all stuff organic in a single place. This startup has infused with the farmers throughout the country who produce the harvest as per the guided path and enjoy a good profit.  

Just Organik 

Pankaj Agarwal and Richa Agarwal founded this company in 2013. Just organic aims to make organic food more accessible and inexpensive by encouraging farmers to embrace organic techniques. It is officially certified by India Organic, the USDA, and the European Union.

Joy by Nature 

In 2014, Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Kumar launched this. Joy by Nature has over 35,000 customers, sells over 10,000 goods, and gives expert wellness advice via live chats. This company seeks to make natural products more accessible in order to improve your well-being and the quality of your daily life.

I Say Organic 

Ashmeet Kapoor, an engineer with degrees from the University of British Columbia and Brown University, created the company. The goal of this firm is to give consumers the option of consuming safe food that is cultivated without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides, as well as to assist farmers and recognize those who grow it.

Organic Life 

It is the most popular name in the organic products market and was established by Mallesh Tigali. It serves almost 1500 different organic products of 100 categories. Mallesh Tyagi has more than 10,000 customers who have adopted organic Terrace farming. Customers can find almost every household product through this platform.  

With this, it’s time to go organic and becoming healthy…!! 

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