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Top Exotic Chicken Breeds: Improve Egg & Meat Production with These Amazing Breeds

Chicken has always been a source of food production but in the recent decades, they have been popularized as backyard pets, especially the exotic chicken breeds. Continue reading to know more about these exotic breeds!

Binita Kumari
Sumatra Chicken
Sumatra Chicken

Exotic chicken breeds are those breeds that have been imported from other countries. The most important reason for adopting exotic chickens was the indigenous chicken's poor performance, such as low egg and poultry meat production. Keep reading to learn about the exotic chicken breeds.

6 Top Exotic Chicken Breeds

Below is the list of top exotic chicken breeds with their fascinating characteristics:

Cochin Chickens

The Cochin chicken breed started the modern trend of keeping pet chickens because of their giant feathers and friendly nature. Cochin was bred by the Chinese for meat and eggs, but its large and lovely appearance, as well as the decorative feathers, attracted poultry lovers who kept them as pets. The Cochin is completely covered in feathers, from head to toe. It has a small head, small low tails, large eyes, and can weigh up to 5 kg. However, because this breed lays little brown eggs, it is not a good producer.

Marans Chicken

Originated in the late 1800s in a town near Marans in Poitou Charente, the Marans are one of the rarest exotic breeds and are very popular for laying dark brown eggs that are highly profitable. Marans are divided into two categories: French Marans and English Marans. The French strains have feathers on their legs and feet, but the English strains do not have feathers on their legs.

Sumatra Chickens

Sumatra chicken is beautiful with plumage and a tiny bright red pea comb. Their feathers are also lustrous and green-black with black legs and yellowish skin.

Sultan Chickens

Sultan chickens are a decorative chicken breed with Turkish origins. Because of their poofy feathers on their heads, V-shaped combs, long tails, beards, small bright-red wattles, and earlobes that are hidden by the fluffy feathering, they fall into the display group. The face of the sultan is red and has three colors: white, black, and blue.

White-Faced Black Spanish Chickens

White-Faced The Black Spanish is a green-black breed with a snow-white face and over-developed white earlobes that overwhelm the face. The greenish-black feathers are contrasted by the red V-shaped comb and wattles. They lay white eggs and are a noisy and energetic species.

Malay Chickens

Malay chickens are the world's tallest chicken breed and can reach a height of 36 inches. They have slanted eyes and a powerful build.

Malay chickens also have a monotonous, loud crow, short, hooked beaks, and huge yellow scaly legs. These monogamous birds originated in India.

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