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Top Money-Making Agriculture Business Plans

Assam is fundamentally an agricultural state. Local people of Assam are as yet not ready to accept it as a decent productive business. The most profitable and gainful agro-based businesses in the state of Assam are Egg: Layer Farming, Pig Farming, Dairy farming and Fishery business.

Chintu Das
Agriculture Business
Agriculture Business

Assam is fundamentally an agricultural state and more than 70 percent of people in the state do agribusiness for income. However, despite being so reliant on agriculture, this state is not able to achieve much progress in this field.  Hence today we will discuss about some of the most profitable and gainful agro-based businesses in Assam.  

Profitable Agri businesses

Egg: Layer Farm: 

As per study, Assam as a state requires nearly 45 to 50 lakh eggs on a daily basis. The number is astonishingly high for a state like Assam and as a result of poor production in the state, the demand for the eggs has to be met through imports from other states like West Bengal and Odisha. Assam has around 10 major egg producing farms in the state, which cannot handle such demand.  

There is one farm situated in the Bongaigaon district of Assam, which produces nearly 35000 to 45000 eggs daily and the amount produced is enough for only 2 nearby districts. By this information alone we can understand the demand for eggs in the state. If 40000 eggs are consumed by only 2 districts, then how much will be required by all 33 districts of Assam.  

That’s why rather than investing on any other predominant business, you can go for a layer farm for egg production. 


Pig Farm: 

There is a huge demand for pork meat in Assam's market. Setting up a pig farm does not require a lot of cash and can be started with as little as 15000 rupees. There are many small traders of pork meat who breeds pig in their homes and sells their meat in the market. They make a profit of around 70000 to 80000 rupees from it per annum. 

Just like the eggs, even the demand for pork meat cannot be fulfilled by the state alone and imports are brought in from other states like West Bengal. Studies show that the daily requirement for the state goes upto nearly 1 ton per day. 

Pork business can be a good option for you. You can start small with maybe 6 to 8 pigs at the start and generally grow the numbers with time. Pig farmers from other states with well established businesses earn upto 15 lakhs per year. Earlier may be decades ago pig rearing was considered dirty and a business for the low class. But in today’s time, it is one of the most profitable businesses in the country.  

Dairy farm:  

India being the world's largest milk producing country, there is always space for more production. State wise, Gujarat holds the top position in milk production. Assam likewise has a great deal of opportunities for milk production. However, because of the absence of fitting effectiveness and information in the state, milk isn't being produced in the manner in which it ought to have been produced. 

Most of the rural households of Assam rears a couple of cows for their own milk consumption. However, the majority of the farmers do not think of any commercial usage. This is the main reason behind the fact that Assam always has to import milk from other states to fulfill its milk needs. 

Assam’s milk demand per day ranges between 15 to 20 lakh liters and per liter cost of milk ranges between 50 rupees and 60 rupees. Do the calculation yourselves to see the profit margin in this business. 


Despite the fact that fishes are imported from other states to Assam. That does not mean that there is no demand for local fish in the market. For instance, imported Rohu fish per kilo costs around 250 to 300 rupees, but local Rohu fish cost more than 450 rupees. There you can see a difference of 150 rupees. Remember that this price difference is only for 1 fish only. If you can start a fishery business, you can earn major profits. The startup will need a major investment, but the profit margins are also high. 

Bottom line: 

Check for yourself and decide, which business will be good for you!!!    

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