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Top Most Profitable Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Rich

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Profitable Business Idea

We all want to start our own business and become rich, but due to lack of money or less space, many are unable to do so. In this article, we will tell you about 5 profitable business ideas that you can start now and earn huge profit with very low investment. So let’s explore;

Most Demanding Business Ideas

1. Fruits and Vegetables Export Business

The business of fruits and vegetables is considered as one of the fastest and lucrative developing industry in India. This is mainly due to high demand for the frozen vegetable products all over the globe. This is an export type business in which you have to buy fruits and vegetables from local farms at cheap prices and supply them at expensive prices abroad.

All you need is Registration of the business with the Ministry of Commerce through Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). After this follow the below steps-

  • Setup office and look for Suppliers.

  • Now search for clients and hire dealers, distributors and representatives.

2. Fruits juice production business

The process of producing fruit juice is much easier and you can start it with less investment. Its market demand is very high. This business is going to give you more benefit in less time and thus it’s a profitable business idea.

3. Peanut Processing Business

There are demands for processing of peanuts from the country as well as abroad. Therefore, earning in this business can be good.

4. Broom Production Business

Broom is used in every house. The process of making it is also quite easy and you can start it with less capital investment.

Broom Production Business
Broom Production Business

5. Potato Powder Business

Potato powder is extensively used in the snack food industry. Now it is being used in many types of dishes which require mashed potatoes. It is also used in making vegetable gravy and soup. Due to its varied uses its in high demand and thus a profitable business idea.

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