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Start This Profitable Business & Earn in Millions Forever Just by Investing Rs. 50,000

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Food on Wheel
Food on Wheel Business

Currently we all are going through economic recession due to covid-19 pandemic. Youths too are facing a serious crisis at this time. Lakh of youths have become unemployed and many others have left their jobs and gone back to their villages. However, you don’t have to worry much as we are here to tell you about a new business idea which will make you self-reliant. It can be started by the youths of both village and city. This profitable business idea is of a restaurant on the go or food on wheel.

So, start a food supply business, it will earn you good money throughout the year. Let us give you some specific information related to the food on wheel business.

What is Food on Wheel?

Some people have to go to restaurants or hotels to have food, but now the things have changed. At this time a new trend of Food on Wheel has started, which is a good business. In this, you have to go to the people and provide food. For this, you can stay in a walking place. Apart from this, food supply facility can be provided outside the company, factory, school, college etc. This business is in huge demand, thus starting it can give you good money.

food truck business
food truck business

Make food on wheel on old vehicle

There is no need to apply much cost to start this profitable business. If you have an old mini truck or any other four wheel vehicle, you can start a Food on Wheel business on it.

Cost of Food on Wheel Business

You can easily start this business at a small level, which includes expenses up to Rs 50,000. In this, one have to include all the items of cooking, utensils for keeping food, vehicle expenses including utensils for serving food, etc. Apart from this, if you want to start the business at a higher level, then it will cost around Rs 1 - 2 lakh. If you want to have chefs, you can also keep them.

Do Marketing for Extra Profits

You can also market it to earn a good profit from this business. This business can give you a profit of thousands of rupees daily. For this, you have to pay special attention to the taste, service and cleanliness of the food. Apart from this, you can also provide ice cream and drink facilities in Food on Wheel. If you make good food, then all you will need is a helper. This will give you a chance to earn profits throughout the year.

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