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Kulhar Profitable Business: Start This Business with Rs 5000 & Earn Rs 50,000 Monthly; Government Aid Included

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Are you unemployed & looking for business opportunities? Then, we will provide you with one of the best profitable business idea. You can start a business of Kulhar, Kulhad tea or milk. Tea is very popular among all and kulhar tea proves to be an icing on the cake. It is a demanding profession which surely proves to be profitable business idea.

You can start a kulhad business in the country's major railway stations, railway depots, bus depots, airports and malls. Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has demanded a ban on selling tea in plastic or paper cups to promote Kulhad from the railway ministry also the roadways.

Kulhar Profitable Business Idea: Government’s Help

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has implemented the potter empowerment scheme to promote the business of Kulhar. Under this scheme, the government gives electric chalk to the potters so that they can make axes from it. Later the government buys those axes at a good price.

Kulhar Profitable Business Idea: Low Cost & Huge Profit

One can start the Kulhar Profitable Business with just Rs 5000. You only need to have some space. It is not necessary to have a prompt location for the space. According to Khadi Village Industries Commission Chairman Vinay Kumar Saxena, this year the government has set a target to distribute 25,000 electric chalk.

How much will you earn by Kulhar Business?

The price of tea kulhad is minimum Rs 50, Lassi kulhad is Rs 150, milk kulhar is Rs 150 rupees & cup Rs100. However, you can get a better rate when demand increases. Thus, Kulhar is a profitable business idea and can be opted by anyone.

Kulhar Tea Profitable Business

With the supply of Kulhad, you can also do business of Kulhad tea or milk. This business can also start from Rs 5,000. The price of Kulhad tea in cities is 15 to 20 rupees. In Kulhad tea business, there is a savings of around 1000 rupees in 1 day. So, we recommend you to opt for this profitable business idea and make good money.

Kulhar Tea

Kulhar Milk Profitable Business

The price of 200 ml of milk in Kulhar ranges from Rs 20 to 30. On selling 1 l of milk, you will get a profit of at least Rs 30. If you sell 500 l of milk in 1 day, then the profit of one day will be around Rs 1500. Thus, you can earn from Rs 45,000 - 50,000 in a month.

Kulhar Milk

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