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Start Profitable Kulhar Tea Business with Government Support; Step by Step Guide for Beginners Inside

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Kulhar Tea
Kulhar Tea

Kulhar Profitable Business: If you are unemployed & looking for business opportunities, then we have one of the best profitable business idea for you. You can start a business of Kulhar tea or milk. Tea which is very popular in almost all age groups proves to be a profitable business. Its demand is increasing day by day and you don’t need much investment or space for it. You only need to keep some key points in mind and you are good to go. Here we will provide you step by step guide to make kulhar a profitable business for you.

Kulhar Tea/Milk- A Profitable Business Idea

This is the best opportunity to start a kulhar tea or milk business. You can start this business with just Rs 5000 and earn Rs 50,000 every month. You can start a kulhar business in the country's major railway stations, railway depots, airports, bus depots, and malls. Nitin Gadkari, Road and Transport Minister has demanded a ban on selling tea in plastic or paper cups to promote Kulhar from the railway ministry also the roadways. Therefore, the demand for kulhar tea will increase in the coming time.

The price of Kulhar tea in cities is Rs 15 to 20. In Kulhae tea business, there is a savings of around 1000 rupees in 1 day. You can get better rates when the demand increases. So, start this profitable business now and become rich in the coming years.

How to start Kulhar Tea/Milk Business?

Step 1- Do a Market Survey & then Choose Location

  • You must visit some famous tea shops in the city. Try their tea, know the ingredients used and their method of preparation. Then, choose the best tea in taste. Try making the same tea and add something new to it to make it more delicious.

  • Choose the location where there is always a crowd. It can be, outside the railway station, hospital, school-college, office, intersection, main market, etc. where people like to spend quality time with friends or have to wait.

Step 2- Next comes the Cleanliness of place

Take good care of hygiene in your tea shop. Add a bin and clean it every day twice in the morning and evening before closing.

Step 3- Proper Seating Arrangement

Don’t forget to make your customers sit and enjoy their tea. For that you have to keep a few benches, or chairs. This will make them comfortable and they will like to visit again.

Step 4- Music

Make arrangements for light music in your tea shop. This will make your shop extra ordinary. Remember music is likely to add more taste to your tea.

Step 5: Good Behaviour

You must be calm, patient and a good listener too. Don’t forget to attract customers with your smile and try connecting with them little.

Government’s Help in Kulhar Business:

PM Narendra Modi has implemented the potter empowerment scheme for promoting the business of Kulhar. Under this government scheme, it will give electric chalk to the potters so that they can make axes from it. Later on the government will buy those axes at a good price.

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