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Profitable Business Ideas for Monsoon Season: Start This Business with Only Rs 5000 & Earn Good Money

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Monsoon Business
Monsoon Business Ideas

Monsoon has just arrived in India. And if you are planning to start your own business, then this is the best time. Now you may be wondering what business can be done in the monsoon season? During monsoon there is huge demand for umbrellas, vaults, waterproof school bags and rubber shoes. So, why not to opt for these profitable businesses?

The best part is one can start this kind of business at a small level & people of rural areas can also earn very good profits from this business. Let us give you some important information related to these profitable monsoon businesses.

Profitable Monsoon Businesses: A Complete Guide 

Business will start in just Rs 5000

You can easily start this business at a cost of only Rs 5000. Now it depends on you how big you want to start because the cost depends accordingly. In this, every piece gets a margin of 20 - 25 percent. Nowadays this business is moving forward very fast. Demand for raincoats, umbrellas, rubber shoes increases the most during the monsoon season.

Choose a Place for Monsoon Business

For this, you have to get a shop, if is in a famous and known market, then it will be very good. Along with this, put attractive furniture in the shop which attracts the customers.

Where to buy raw materials

For this business, you will need to buy some raw materials. You can buy goods from a big city such as Delhi market. It is to be noted that there are many wholesale markets in Delhi such as Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, where goods will be available at very low prices. From there you can buy goods for making umbrellas, raincoats and school bags. If you want, you can buy goods made from these wholesale markets and sell them in your local market.

Interestingly, you can start this business from home also. If you are fond of sewing, you can buy products related to this business and prepare products at home. This can give you good money. Thus, it is a profitable business which one can opt in the monsoon season.

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