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Start This Top Most Profitable Business Idea with Government Help & Earn in Millions

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
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Looking for a Profitable Business and confused what to do? Then, we are here to inform and guide you step-wise-step about the Top Most Profitable Business Idea which you can start with less money and earn millions of rupees. Start this profitable business of paper napkins which is in huge demand nowadays. Now, the government is also helping you in starting this business. So what are you waiting for, GET READY NOW!

Top Most Profitable Business Idea

Tissue Paper Business

Start the profitable business of tissue paper as there is increasing demand for it. Thus, a very good scope is seen here. One can earn good money by starting this business. Also, you can also take help of the government in starting this business.

Investment in Tissue Paper Business

To start this business, one will have to invest Rs 3.50 lakh and can also apply for a loan under any currency scheme with any bank. After applying for a loan, you will get around Rs 3 lakh 10 thousand as a term loan & a working capital loan of up to Rs 5.30 lakh.

Red Tissue Paper

1 Crore Annual turnover in Tissue Paper Business

In this profitable business of tissue paper, you can produce only 1.50 lakh kg of paper napkins in a year. If you want to do more than this, you will need to get approval & after production it can be sold in the market at the rate of Rs 65 per kg. However, if you are producing 1.50 lakh kg of paper in a year, then as per Rs 65 your turnover will be around Rs 97.50 lakh. After removing all your expenses from it, you can save about Rs 10 - 12 lakh in a year.

Expenses in Tissue Paper Business

To start this business, you have to spend about Rs 4.40 lakh on machinery, which will be a one-time cost. Talking about raw material, then Rs 7.13 lakh will also be spent for it. As much as other expenses are concerned, then you will have to invest around Rs 11 lakh in the first time, which includes transportation, telephone, consumables, maintenance, stationery, electricity, etc.

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