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T-Shirt Printing Business: Go for This Profitable Business Idea for Digital India & Earn Rs 30,000-40,000 in a Month

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Tshirts Business
T-shirts Business

Nowadays, in the era of Digital India many people want to leave their jobs and start their own business. If you too are thinking the same and are looking for a new profitable business idea, then let us inform you a better business idea, through which you can earn very well. This business can be started easily even with low investment and give you good money.

Latest Profitable Business Idea in Digital India

T-Shirt Printing Business

If you want to start a profitable business at a small level, then the idea of T-shirt printing business will prove very beneficial. It is to be noted that the demand for printed T-shirts is increasing in the market nowadays. The interesting thing is that this business can also be started from home.

Cost in T-Shirt Printing Business

If you want to start this business from home, then you can easily start with an investment of about Rs 50 to 70 thousand. With this, you can earn a profit of 30 - 40 thousand rupees every month. However, you must also know that the machine for printing clothes comes at a cost of Rs 50,000. If you want to work on a slightly larger level, then it can cost from about Rs 2 lakh to 5 - 6 lakh.

Colorful T-shirts
Colorful T-shirts

Items needed for T-shirt Printing Business

  • Some printers

  • Heat press, computer

  • T-shirt in the form of paper and raw material

How to make t-shirt?

You can make a T-shirt in less than 1 minute. For this, first the print out of the design has to be done on the sublimation paper from the printer, which is prepared from rubber ink. After this, the Teflon sheet is placed on the T-shirt printer. A T-shirt is placed on top of it and then sublimation paper printing the design. In this way, after about 1 minute the press is removed and the T-shirt is printed.

Marketing of T-Shirt Printing Business

If you want to take this business to a large level, then you can take support of its online marketing. It is also very expensive. For this, you will have to create a brand of your own, as well as selling the product through the e-commerce platform.

Profit from T-Shirt Printing Business

It is said that the price for a white quality T-shirt taken for printing is about Rs 120. Apart from this, printing cost starts from Rs 1 to Rs 10. In this way, you can sell it for at least 200 to 250 rupees. Thus, you can earn thousands of rupees profit every month from this profitable business.

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