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Top Most Profitable Business Ideas with Huge Demand Abroad; Get Business License Online by This Method

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Profitable Business Ideas

Many of us are unable to start our own business due to space and money. But, now u need not worry. As we are here to inform you about 3 profitable business ideas that you can start at home with less capital and space. The interesting part is for starting these profitable businesses you can easily get business license simply by sitting at home. Want to know how? Read our complete guide below & become a good businessman in a short time.

Top Most Demanding Profitable Business Ideas

1. Pickles Making Business:

Pickle is a traditional food item of our country which is quite popular. You will find this easily in every Indian home. If you are thinking of starting a small business, then this can be a good startup for you. It is a profitable business which is safe and easy to do. Apart from the country's markets, it is also in great demand abroad. You can easily start this business from your home only with an investment of 20 to 25 thousand rupees.

License & Permissions Required

License is required to start the profitable business of Pickles Making. You can get a license by the Food Safety and Standards Authority, also known as FSSAI. You can also apply by online.

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2. Jute Bag Business

Most countries have banned plastic bags. In such a situation, the business of making jute bags can prove to be a good option for new businessmen. The process of making bags is quite easy. If you are thinking of starting this business, then you can start it even in a small capital investment of only 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. For this, you need about 500 square feet of small space. So, start this profitable business now and earn good money.

Licenses & Permissions Required

To start this business, you do not need much paperwork, but there are some minor procedures that you must follow like:

  • Registration of form

  • Trade license

  • SSI unit

  • GST registration

  • IEC Code

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3. Button Making Business:

Buttons work to beautify every fabric from shirts to suits. Hence, their demand in the market is also very high. There is great demand in market for many types of buttons such as plastic buttons, clothes and steel buttons, etc. These include many categories, which you can choose according to your choice. You can start this profitable business easily by renting it or with an investment of just 30 -40 thousand from your house.

Where to sell products?

After designing your product, you can sell them to the Garment Manufacturer or you can order from the garment manufacturers and also design the design of their choice. For extra profits you can also sell at tailoring material shop, tailor shop, general stores, super market etc.

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