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Transforming Sacred flowers with the Help of These Startups During Diwali

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Floral Decorations In A Temple

It is fairly common to find tonnes of floral waste in a religious country like India especially during a festival like Diwali. Every day, thousands of flowers make their way into various water bodies.

Thereby escalating India’s water pollution problem and contaminating the water.

These flowers are in a way sacred as they are offered to deities in a temple but end up becoming wastes due to people not knowing what to do with them once the rituals end.

So this Diwali we bring to light two startups that take these sacred flowers and turn them into products leaving zero waste behind.


This is a startup that was begun by a 14-year-old and his mum in Gurgaon their motto being to convert these pious flowers offered to deities in a temple into something better.

This brand comes under a group of brands that are maintained by a child called Max and his mother.

According to them pushp - or flowers are nature's most beautiful and Pious Creation with endless shades, colours & forms which selflessly spread happiness & fragrance.

Flowers are associated with almost every important moment in a person’s life however once they are plucked they have a limited lifespan. So Max and his team collect these sacred Flowers & process them to give their consumers the most Sacred Refreshing & Natural aromas possible in the forms of Incense, Meditation Range, Diffusers, Air Fresheners and even Therapeutic Wellness Products.

It is also a way for max to remember his grandmother as the name of the institution is derived from her name too.

HolyWaste – Making waste look beautiful

HolyWaste is a temple waste recycling company from Oorvi that was, co-founded by Minal and Maya Vivek in 2018. It primarily focuses on the recycling of flower debris.

The purpose of their startup is to fight for a healthier and pollution-free environment while simultaneously bringing a huge societal change through empowering women. They've enlisted the help of Gundlapochampally women to produce goods out of the blossoms. These ladies now have a place to work and become self-sufficient. Hand-rolled incense sticks, flowers, soaps, and other items are among the items available.

These startups are a form of inspiration to us all and we hope our readers can support startups like these in this festive season while celebrating Diwali.

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