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Do Cow's Dairy Business & Get up to 75% Subsidy from Government; Hurry 3 Days Left for Registration

Though, many people are involved in animal husbandry. Yet only few get benefits. Ever thought why? So, here we are to inform you about how to do profitable animal husbandry and subsidies related to it. First important tip is doing animal husbandry in modern way can prove to be a very profitable business.

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Dairy Business
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Subsidy on Animal Husbandry: Though, many people are involved in animal husbandry. Yet only few get the benefits. Ever thought why? Hence, today we will tell you about how to do profitable animal husbandry. First important tip is doing animal husbandry in a modern way can prove to be a very profitable business. It can be your excellent source of income. 

Read more to know about different government schemes and the subsidies given in animal husbandry sector.  

50% to 75% Subsidy on Animal Husbandry: 

Central and state governments are giving subsidy on animal husbandry from time to time under different schemes. The Government of Bihar is giving 50% to 75% subsidy under the 'Samagra Gavi Vikas Yojana' to promote the dairy industry in the direction of providing employment to the youth of Gopalganj district.  

Last Date to Apply for subsidy:  

The ones who are interested please note, the last date to submit the application is 25th October 2020.  

Animal Husbandry Subsidy Pattern: 

  • Under 'Samagra Gavi Vikas Yojana', there is a subsidy in different categories for 2, 4, 6 and 10 milch cattle.  

  • It is to be noted that 50% subsidy will be given to the general caste people rearing cow. 

  • 75% subsidy will be given to scheduled caste people.  

  • The cost of the scheme for two milch cattle is 1 lakh 60 thousand, 3 lakh 38 thousand 400 for 4 milch cattle, 5 lakh 32 thousand 600 for 6 milch cattle and 8 lakh 96 thousand rupees for 10 milch cattle. On this amount, there is a plan to subsidize 50% and 75% depending on the category of the caste concerned. 

How many people will benefit in Gopalganj district? 

Under the Comprehensive Traffic Development Scheme, a target has been set to provide benefits to 102 people in different categories for Gopalganj district in the financial year 2020-21. In which 50 targets are set for two common cattle, 15 for SC, 2 for ST and 7 for Extremely Backward Class. Similarly, a target has been set for 30 in general category for four milch cattle and 5 for SC, 6 for general category for 6 milch cattle, 4 for SC, and 3 for extremely backward. 

How to get subsidy on Animal Husbandry? 

For this, an application must be submitted to the District Traffic Development Office. However, Field Officer Omprakash Prasad said that applications will be considered on the lines of 'first come first serve'. 

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