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Fish Farming is First Priority for Telangana Government

The State government has been giving priority to the welfare of fishermen, said Stambadri Urban Development Authority (SUDA) Chairman, Bachu Vijay Kumar. he Chairman, along with Mayor P Neeraja, released fishlings, supplied free of cost to fishermen by the government, into Lakaram Tank here on Wednesday.

Ayushi Raina
A Fish Farmer Engaged in Catching Fish
A Fish Farmer Engaged in Catching Fish

The State government has prioritized the welfare of fishermen, according to Bachu Vijay Kumar, Chairman of the Stambadri Urban Development Authority (SUDA).

The Stambadri Urban Development Authority is an urban planning organization in the Indian state of Telangana's Khammam district. The state government sanctioned it, and its headquarters are in Khammam.

On Wednesday, the Chairman and Mayor P Neeraja released fishing into Lakaram Tank, which the government provided free of charge to fishermen. Speaking on the occasion, he stated that the TRS government was actively promoting caste-based professions in the state on a large scale.

Aside from agriculture, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is also interested in strengthening allied sectors. The government's promotion of aquaculture, including the free supply of fish seed, has reaped significant benefits for the fishermen community throughout Telangana, according to Vijay Kumar.

He urged fishermen to take advantage of government schemes in order to prosper economically. Karnati Krishna, a local corporator and senior TRS leader, and others were also there.

In another program, Vijay Kumar provided necessary commodities in Khammam through the charitable organization Gospel for Tribal Social Service Society (GTSSS).

Rice, sugar, cooking oil, salt, wheat flour, multivitamin tablets, vitamin C tablets, and sanitizers were distributed to around 200 impoverished families in the 35th and 36th municipal Divisions.

The SUDA Chairman praised Bishop M Jacob, the founder of GTSSS, for assisting the underprivileged who were affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Corporator Pasumarthi Rammohan, GTSSS representatives Y Srivenu, V John Reddy, N John, G Murali Krishna Reddy, and others were present.

About GTSSS:

Jacob Marineni, a native Indian brother, founded GTSSS. GTSSS is committed to bringing the hope of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His love to a suffering and dying humanity through practical means. "The Gospel in one hand and bread in the other," says GTSSS.

It is involved in a variety of ministerial activities such as church planting, Bible college operation, educating and housing orphans and handicapped children, providing a home for the aged and poorest, providing medical care for lepers, conducting free medical clinics etc.as the Lord opens doors.

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