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Lumpy Skin Disease Affects Lakhs of Cows, Buffaloes in Gujarat & Rajasthan; Milk Production Goes Down

Cows and buffaloes with the lumpy disease develop soft lumps on their bodies. Later, nodules spread throughout the body and soft lumps appear, resulting in this sickness in cattle. As a result, the cows and buffaloes stop producing milk and eating as a result. Additionally, it might result in additional fever-like symptoms such a runny nose, mouth saliva, and weight loss.

Chintu Das
Lumpy Skin Disease
Lumpy Skin Disease

The fatal lumpy virus has become more prevalent in cows and buffaloes in ten states of India, including Rajasthan and Gujarat. In Rajasthan, around 2 lakh cows are affected. According to a government survey, 3125 cow deaths have been registered in the state, according to media.

There are between 70 and 80 lakh cattle in the 11 districts of Rajasthan where the virus has spread. Up to now, 78–80 thousand sick cows have been treated.

On the other hand, the lumpy skin disease situation in Gujarat has become scarier. A huge number of cows are under its control, particularly in the districts of Kutch and Saurashtra.

In 20 of the state's 33 districts, an outbreak has been reported. In these districts, 1,935 villages are infected, and 1,431 cows have succumbed.

Gujarat's milk production has reduced by roughly 50,000 liters per day as a result of the spread of the viral infection Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) among cattle. State officials are hurrying to vaccinate cattle despite the fact that this only accounts for 0.25 percent of the 20 million litres bought each day, according to Business Standard.

A budget of Rs 2 to 12 lakh has been allocated by the Rajasthan government for the purchase of medications in the affected districts. Districts now have complete authority. Branded medications can now be purchased at the district level alongside generic medications.

On Wednesday, a shipment of medications is also being sent from Jaipur to Jodhpur. Ajmer, Bikaner, and Jodhpur's Divisional Headquarters Office has received a budget of Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh, while the remaining afflicted districts have received between Rs. 2 and Rs. 8 lakh. This is in addition to the previously announced emergency budget.

In Rajasthan, the mortality rate for cattle passing away from lumpy sickness is 1.4%.

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