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Pulasa Fish Costs Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 per Kilo; What Makes This Fish So Costly

Godavari Pulasa is the most expensive fish among fish kinds. Beginning of the monsoon season, pulasa is available in the Godavari River. Throughout this season, the price of a kilogram of Pulasa fish in Godavari districts ranges from 5 to 15 thousand rupees, depending on demand.

Chintu Das
Pulasa Fish
Pulasa Fish

Pustelu ammi ayina Pulasa tinocchu is a popular Andhra phrase. It roughly translates to "It's worth eating Pulasa even if you have to sell the mangalsutra." 

In Andhra Pradesh, this fish is worth that much. Godavari Pulasa is the most expensive fish among fish kinds. Beginning of the monsoon season, pulasa is available in the Godavari River. 

Throughout this season, the price of a kilogram of Pulasa fish in Godavari districts ranges from 5 to 15 thousand rupees, depending on demand. Pulasa is accessible in all Godavari District fish markets throughout this season. During this season, all political figures and movie stars are interested in purchasing this Pulasa fish. Some people give this Pulasa to impress political authorities in order to finish their task or gain government favours, which explains the craze for this Pulasa in Godavari districts. 

According to market sources, over 50 kilograms of Pulasa hits everyday in the district's fish markets. Of which, around 40kg of Pulasa is sold everyday at the markets. Pulse, also known as ‘Hilsa' in the local language, is the most popular fish in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. 

Pulsa Fish Fry
Pulsa Fish Fry

Between July and September, the Godavari river is home to this type. In Andhra Pradesh's Godavari districts, the Pulasa fish curry is both a popular and a traditional dish. Pulasa curry is made the old-fashioned method, in a mud bowl, on a wood stove over low heat. The next day, the soup will have a unique hue and flavor. 

It is a practice in the Godavari district to exchange ‘pulasa curry' with family, relatives, and well-wishers every year around this season, regardless of price. A few hotels and restaurants in the Godavari districts are well-renowned for their culinary prowess in preparing the Telugu curry known as "Chapala Pulusu." During the Monsoon season, the Pulasa fish migrates from the backwaters into the Godavari's fresh rainy water. 

Almost all of the stocks are exhausted on the river bund itself before reaching the market as fish aficionados buy it by paying in advance each year. 

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