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This Smart Collar for Cows Could Revolutionize Farming

Halter is a New Zealand-based firm that uses smart cow collars to bring farming into the future.

Chintu Das
Cow Farm
Cow Farm

Here’s a cutting-edge solution that allows you to manage your farm from your smartphone. Halter, a New Zealand agtech startup, is ushering dairy cows into the future with GPS-enabled solar-powered collars that connect to a smartphone app. 

Farmers May Manage Herds Using Mobile Phones 

The collars vibrate softly to guide the cows, and the manufacturer claims that cows may learn to travel using the collar in as little as 4-5 days. Virtual fences keep cows in defined regions, and auditory signals from the collar will inform cows if they're approaching a barrier - if they keep going, a quick pulse will stop them from escaping. Farmers can save 20-40 hours per week by automating cow movements, and pasture use can increase by up to 10%

Real-Time Alarms Are Also Sent Via The Collars 

If a cow is unwell or in heat, the app may alert a farmer. Best of all, the company's unique collection of algorithms, aptly termed ‘Cowgorithm’ enables all of these insights. Halter just received $32 million in finance and plans to expand to farms in another part of New Zealand. In case you've ever wondered why cows have hooves rather than feet. It's because they lactose. 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

· In January 2021, there were 93.6 million cattle and calves on American farms. 

· In 2020, the overall agricultural revenue from dairy products in the United States was $40.4 billion dollars. 

· Halter is designed to save farmers 20-40 hours per week while also increasing pasture usage by up to 10%

About Halter  

Halter manufactures a sophisticated gadget that allows farmers to shift and control their herd remotely. Halter employs sensory signals to direct cows to and from the milking parlour, between paddocks, or inside a certain border. 

Halter technology enables pasture management practices that have never been seen before, while also automating many of the time-consuming yet crucial duties involved in farming. 

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