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Uttar Pradesh Government is Popularising Cow Products to Double Farmers’ Income

Additionally, he said that there was a proposal to build compressed biogas plants in public-private partnership in all cow protection facilities.

Chintu Das
Stray Cattles
Stray Cattles

The Uttar Pradesh government, according to the minister for animal husbandry and minority welfare Dharampal Singh, is pushing cow-based natural farming. He added that the government was promoting cow products to boost farmers' incomes and find a solution to issues brought on by stray cattle.

Speaking at a press conference held here, he said the government had started a process to establish block-level cow centres, each of which could house 2000–3000 cattle for the production of cow products.

The minister added that there was a proposal to build compressed biogas plants in public-private partnership in all of these cow protection facilities.

Apart from giving 1.38 livestock to households who received 900 per cattle per month, Singh said that 8.55 lakh stray cattle had been protected and placed in the state's 6222 cattle protection centres.

He asserted that all cow protection centres were subject to spot inspections in order to prevent any slack in the treatment of stray cattle.

"The spot verification reports will be placed on the 'Cow-Protection Portal' that the department is developing," he stated.

The minister claimed that in order to assure year-round availability of cow feed, the government has established 3574 straw banks. He continued, "Up to 3.26 lakh MT of straw have already been stored so far." He added that numerous actions were being done to boost the state's milk production even further. U.P. already produces the most milk in the nation.

He added that technical education and contemporary technology were being integrated into all of the state's madaras (schools). He claimed that one of the government's top concerns was the socioeconomic and educational advancement of minorities.

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