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Why did Mahendra Singh Dhoni choose Black Hen or Kadaknath for his Poultry Farm?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar
kadaknath chicken

When you hear the word "black hen", you immediately think of witches.  But, today these have opened up a huge source of income in poultry farming.  Kerala meat lovers do not like broiler chickens coming from Tamil Nadu.  The main reason is that they are raised by hormone injections.  The fact that so many diseases are transmitted to humans through these chickens has led to a decline in interest in chicken dishes.

Why black chicken meat and eggs are popular

The main reason why black chicken meat and eggs are so popular is its medicinal properties.  In terms of taste, black chicken meat is at the forefront. The fact that black hens have lower cholesterol levels than domestic chicken eggs is one reason why they are in high demand.  In terms of price, black chicken meat and eggs are more expensive than domestic chicken.

Recently, there was news in the media that Mahendra Singh Dhoni was raising black chickens or Kadaknath. This too has increased their popularity. Today, people prefer black chicken meat to broiler chickens that are raised on artificial feed.

A black hen costs between Rs.1000 and Rs.1500. An egg costs between Rs 25 and Rs 30. An adult rooster weighs one and a half to two and a half kilograms. Despite the high price, black hens are in high demand.

This species, also known as Kalamasi, originated in Jauba and Dhar in Madhya Pradesh.  They are also known as Black Chicken Black Hen in English. These are also known as Kadaknath.  Like the name implies, this species of chicken is black. Its flesh is also black.

Its eggs and meat have many medicinal properties. Poultry meat and eggs are also rich in vitamins. There are people who regularly eat black hen eggs to improve their eyesight.  Black meat can increase muscle strength.  Black hen eggs are also used in some Ayurvedic medicines.  Its flesh and organs are black because of its high melanin content.

If you have the time and space, you can start a black hen farm and make a profit.  If you are in the backyard or in the city, you can raise four or five black hens to meet your household needs.  They start laying eggs at the age of six months. Up to 20 eggs can be laid in a month.  Since black hens do not like to incubate their eggs, other hens should be allowed to hatch.

Up to four chickens can be reared in a small cage equipped with grills. If left outside during the day, they feed on small insects and grains and survive. They can also be fed leftover food scraps at home.

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