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AgriKnow & Crop Doctor: Smart Solutions by Agribazaar

Based on satellite images, AgriKnow’s crop monitoring helps farmers manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and make reliable decisions.

KJ Contributor

Globally, India is one of the few countries that uses space technology and land-based observations to generate frequent updates on crop production statistics and provide inputs for sustainable agriculture. Similarly, AgriKnow is a satellite-based crop health monitoring software developed by agribazaar that provides exhaustive inputs on commodity crops and crop management techniques - GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). Based on satellite images, AgriKnow’s crop monitoring helps farmers manage multiple fields, cut costs on resources and make reliable decisions.

What does AgriKnow do? How does it benefit farmers?

AgriKnow alerts farmers to focus on the problem areas & react promptly to save time & resources.

  • AgriKnow notifies about irrigation timing at a critical stage of the crop.

  • Advanced soil moisture monitoring lets farmers (users) analyse crops’ state without an expensive facility.

  • AgriKnow advises a timely harvest of crops with location-specific weather forecasts. 

  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) guides farmers with excellent farm management practices.

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Steps on how to use GAP Services:

  • Open the agribazaar app and click on GAP. 

  • Explore commodities and select the ones you want information about.

  • Click on the commodity and get all the crop details categorized for convenience. 

However, to back this specific ability of crop health monitoring and detecting a problem in the crop, agribazaar has come up with ‘Crop Doctor’

  • With the help of Crop Doctor, farmers can get a better yield by keeping their crops away from pests and diseases.

  • Farmers can identify crop diseases immediately by uploading their crop pictures on the agribazaar app or call us at +91-90903 97777 Ext. 3

  • Our crop doctor will help you solve your problem at the right time, which is completely Free of cost!

  • Our agri experts diagnose infected crops instantly and give prompt treatment suggestions for pest, disease, or nutrient deficiencies.

How to use the ‘crop doctor’ service?

  • Open the agribazaar app and click on Crop Doctor. 

  • Click on the camera button to take a picture of your crop’s infections.

  • Upload and submit the picture describing the crop’s state. 

  • Sit back and wait for our representative to reach out to you!

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AgriKnow & Crop Doctor allows users to make data-backed decisions on management practices, input usage, quality control, and sustainability resulting in improved yields and farm income. They both enable decision-makers to visualise allied information and the current situation of their farmlands in one click. 

Traditionally, the tasks like yield estimation & crop disease assessment take a month or two and a lot of workforces to complete. However, using our innovative and informative solutions,  AgriKnow & Crop Doctor, the same task can be completed within half or even less time,  with fewer resources and higher accuracy. 

For you to have a look and try our Crop Doctor feature, you can call us on +91-90903 97777 Ext 3

Also, you can scan the QR code below to have the best experience of our newly released attributes! 

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