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Dev Diwali 2023: Shubh Muhurat, Pooja Vidhi, Significance and More

Dev Deepawali, celebrated 11 days after Diwali, marks the triumph of light over darkness as millions of lamps light up the Ganges ghats, symbolizing a spiritual connection with the divine and cleansing sins in the holy river.

Shivangi Rai
The festival of Dev Diwali is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. (Photo: Canva)
The festival of Dev Diwali is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. (Photo: Canva)

The festive spirit in India seems to be perpetual, and just when you thought the joy of Diwali was settling, get ready for another celebration—Dev Deepawali 2023.

Scheduled 11 days after the main Diwali festival, on the full moon night of Kartik Purnima in the Hindu calendar, this event is anticipated for its vibrant colours and jubilant atmosphere.

Dev Deepawali: Details

  • Date: November 27, 2023, Monday

  • Tithi Begins: November 26, 2023, at 03:53 PM

  • Tithi Ends: November 27, 2023, at 02:45 PM

What is Dev Diwali?

Dev Deepawali, translating to 'Diwali of the Gods,' is uniquely celebrated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The festival draws its name from the mesmerizing sight of Varanasi's ghats illuminated with millions of earthen lamps. Falling on the full moon night of the Hindu month Kartik, devotees light up the steps of the Ganges River's ghats, creating a breathtaking spectacle from Ravidas Ghat to Rajghat.

The glittering lights not only illuminate the river Ganges but also cast a radiant reflection on its waters. Devotees gather on the ghats to offer prayers to Ganga Maiyya, turning the spiritual event into a captivating visual experience. Believers hold the belief that gods descend to earth on this day to bathe in the Ganges, and thus, the ghats are adorned in spectacular decorations to welcome them.

Dev Diwali 2023: Shubh Muhurat

The Pradosh Kaal (auspicious time for rituals) for Dev Deepawali is from 05:08 PM to 07:47 PM, lasting 2 hours and 39 minutes. The Purnima (full moon) begins on the evening of November 26th at 3:53 PM and concludes on November 27 at 2:45 PM.

Dev Deepawali: Rituals (Pooja Vidhi)

Dev Deepawali involves significant rituals and poojas dedicated to worshipping the holy river Ganges. Devotees start the day by taking a holy bath in the Ganges, known as Kartik Snan.

Prayers and puja are then offered to the gods at homes and temples, and diyas and candles are lit to symbolize the victory of light over darkness.

Beautiful Rangoli patterns are crafted at the entrance of homes using coloured powder, rice, or flower petals. Vedic mantras and offerings are chanted, starting with the worship of Lord Ganesha and subsequently worshipping Lord Shiva's family and incarnations.

The tradition of "Deepdaan" involves offering diyas or earthen lamps to 45 young girls and 21 Brahmins. The day concludes with the recitation of the sacred scripture of Ramayan, known as Akhand Ramayan, and a communal feast called Bhoj.

Dev Deepawali: Significance

Dev Deepawali is not just a visual spectacle but holds profound religious significance for Hindus. It is believed that on this day, gods awaken from their celestial abode and descend to earth. Taking a dip in the Ganges during Dev Deepawali is considered to cleanse sins and bring prosperity. Many see it as an opportunity to strengthen their connection with the divine.

The festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. Devotees offer prayers for prosperity, happiness, and peace. While not as widespread as Diwali, Dev Deepawali is celebrated with equal enthusiasm, especially in the holy city of Varanasi.

So, as the year approaches its end, Dev Deepawali offers another opportunity to light up homes, spend quality time with loved ones, relish delicious food, and create cherished memories. In the tapestry of life, these moments of joy and togetherness are what make it truly beautiful. Embrace the spirit of Dev Deepawali 2023 and conclude the year on a radiant note.

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