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Earn in Lakhs by Starting Your Own Bindi Making Business at Home; Know How

Bindi making falls under the category of home-based businesses because no leasing space or other special facility is needed to run the business. If you cannot start your business with a big investment, then this business idea is right for you. So, if you are ready to start this business, keep reading to know the step-by-step process of starting a profitable bindi-making business!

Binita Kumari
Deciding to start a bindi-making business is smart because there is huge potential for growth in the Indian market
Deciding to start a bindi-making business is smart because there is huge potential for growth in the Indian market

With the trend of bindis back in style, the bindi market is an ever-growing one. As women have started purchasing all different kinds of designs, and colors for attractive looks, the bindi-making businesses in both rural and urban India are booming.

The good news is that starting and managing a small bindi-making business is easy and low investment and brings in a huge profit.

Is starting a bindi-making business a wise decision?

Bindi is a piece of velvet fabric that is sold for various prices. Deciding to start a bindi-making business is smart because there is huge potential for growth in the Indian market. Indian women think that wearing a bindi on their forehead improves their elegance, attractiveness, and facial appeal. Any traditional attire, including lehengas, saris, salwar suits, and Anarkalis, benefits from bindis placed in the middle of the forehead. Bollywood actresses have flaunted bindis, luring young people, particularly single girls and schoolgirls, to wear them on their foreheads. In Kolkata, the bindi-making industry is incredibly popular.

Given that everyone is overly self-conscious and that physical beauty dominates most people's lives, it would be wise to start the bindi manufacturing business. People simply look at the bindi's prominent qualities and buy it if they find it to be eye-catching and incredibly alluring due to its low price and high affordability. A modest investment with great returns is another benefit of this business.

Licenses and registration required for starting a bindi-making business:

The licenses and registration required for starting a bindi-making business are:

GST registration

If your company's revenue exceeds the specified threshold amounts, you must proceed with GST registration.

Business/ Firm registration

You must register as a proprietorship firm if you want to start a small business venture with little funding or if you plan to operate it as a one-man business.

If you want to start your business as a partnership firm and continue partnership operations once it has made a profit and is growing well, you must register as an LLP or Private Limited Company.

Pollution certificate

If you believe that your company may produce pollutants such as fly ashes, chemical waste, medical waste, smoke emissions, etc., you must obtain a pollution control certificate. In the case of bindi manufacturing businesses, a pollution certificate is not required. But if you wish, you can take this certificate. You can obtain a pollution certificate or license and move forward with the establishment of your firm by creating an application and submitting it to the relevant State Pollution Control Board.

Trade License

If you're prepared to launch your bindi-making business in India, submit an application for a trade license. The first stage entails creating an application and submitting it to the relevant municipal corporation. Additionally, you must affix any necessary paperwork. State-by-state variations exist in rules and laws governing the issue of trade licenses.

Trademark Registration

You must surely be working to give your bindi brand a unique identity when you make it. Register your trademark to protect your bindi brand name.

What are the raw materials required for a bindi-making business?

  • Velvet cloth is one of the most important raw materials used for the production of bindis.

  • Adhesives, beads, glue, precious stones, and other consumables are also important raw materials needed in this type of business.

  • These components fall under the category of ornamental things. You will be able to determine the cost of the bindi based on the market worth of the raw materials and the time and effort required to create them.

  • You can satisfy client demand by making personalized bindis for them for specific occasions.

  • Usually, both precious and semi-precious stones are used to make this type of bindi.

  • Depending on the style and pattern of bindi you want to create, you can organize your raw materials accordingly.

What are the area requirements to start a bindi-making unit?

  • Making bindis is considered a home-based business.

  • The simplicity of starting this business from home allows you to save money that you can use to rent a different location for it to function.

  • The minimal space needed to operate a bindi-making business is 500 square feet.

  • It is preferable to conduct business from your location as opposed to renting space.

  • Government constraints on starting a home-based bindi-making business are minor and won't interfere with your business's ability to operate effectively.

  • With the help of family members, this kind of business is manageable. Family members are the most bankable individuals, therefore there is no need to recruit external labor from outside the family circle, and money won't disappear either.

  • The main advantage of a home-based business is that time management won't be a major concern. You would need to strike a balance between spending time with your family and working.

How to make bindis at home?

Making bindis is not difficult. It involves less effort and is straightforward. This straightforward and uncomplicated designer bindi-producing business can be launched in India in one of two ways.

Here are the two methods:

  • Using simple hand tools, make stylish bindis.

  • Small machinery can be used to make bindis.

However, it is advised that to start this business, you must first employ hand tools. Once the business starts to trend upward, you can move forward with machine operation. Making a bindi at home is simple.

The process of producing bindis includes:

  • Punching unit

  • Printing unit

There are many different types of machines on the market that could be useful for making bindis. The cost of the machines varies on the market based on how they are used, if they are in demand, and how well they perform. Choose the machine that would best serve your bindi production needs.

What bindi-making tools and machines will be needed?

  • Bindi cutting machine

  • Bindi printing machine

  • Adhesive coating machine

  • Punching machine

  • Drying machine

  • Hand tools

  • Packaging machine

  • Electrical motors, dyes, and more

How to make bindis: A step-by-step guide

  • The cutting machine is used in the initial phase to reduce a velvet paper of amazing quality to the required size for the punching machine's feed material.

  • With the help of a punching machine, the high-quality velvet paper is punched into a variety of shapes during bindi punching.

  • In the current situation, the trend of stylish bindi is gaining momentum.

  • Women today are choosing the best bindi to help them charm people with their beauty and graciousness.

  • The bindi's printed pattern or stones improve its appearance and raise its allure factor.

  • Such a pattern is imprinted on the bindi using a printing press.

  • The sticky substance will be placed on the bindi's reverse side.

  • The hot air chamber must be used by the adhesive since it will aid in drying it.

  • Bindi would proceed through the packing process based on the needs of the consumers.

How to market bindi in India?

Reaching and engaging with your target audience, whether in person or online, would be made easier by effective marketing methods.

You must be aware of the strategies that might quickly grow your bindi-making business in India if you want to move at a faster clip. Are you starting your business without a solid plan in place? If the answer is yes, you will be bound by problems and failures.

To steer your company in the right direction, it's critical that you prepare a solid plan. Determine your audience's needs and your target demographics. Your business would benefit from consistent, ongoing care, which would produce positive results.

You need to make an effort to give your brand more legitimacy. Making your brand authentic will allow you to recognize your USP and increase your chances of attracting the right audience segment.

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