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Seaweed Farming Reshaping Lakshadweep's Economy, Here's How

Empowering Communities, Nurturing Seas: A success story in Lakshadweep's agricultural renaissance

KJ Staff
The journey towards economic revitalisation in Lakshadweep began with a vision to harness the region's abundant maritime resources. (Picture Courtesy: X)
The journey towards economic revitalisation in Lakshadweep began with a vision to harness the region's abundant maritime resources. (Picture Courtesy: X)

In the azure expanse of the Lakshadweep archipelago, a burgeoning venture is turning tides in the region's economic landscape. Spearheaded by the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and embraced by the tenacious efforts of local communities, seaweed farming emerges as a beacon of hope, promising not only economic growth but also social empowerment. This maritime enterprise, anchored by TSC-Purple Turtle Company in collaboration with governmental bodies, is heralding a new era of sustainable prosperity, particularly for Lakshadweep's women.

Lakshadweep Agriculture: The Genesis of Seaweed Farming

The journey towards economic revitalisation in Lakshadweep began with a vision to harness the region's abundant maritime resources. In 2022, the inaugural pilot seaweed farming initiative took root in Chetlath, a testament to collaborative efforts between the ICAR-CMFRI, TSC-Purple Turtle Company, and the Lakshadweep Administration. What started as a modest endeavor quickly burgeoned into a thriving enterprise, setting the stage for subsequent expansions across neighboring atolls.

Women at the Helm: Empowering Through Employment

Central to the success story of Lakshadweep's seaweed farming is the active participation of local women. Serving as the backbone of the enterprise, these women from various Self Help Groups took charge of pivotal tasks, from preparing tube nets to harvesting yields. Not only did this initiative create employment opportunities, but it also empowered women, fostering financial independence and bolstering their role in community development. The program generated nearly 3,000 man-days during the 8-month culture period, with an average daily earning of Rs 380, indicating a significant economic impact on the community.

Lakshadweep Agriculture: Presidential Acclaim

The remarkable strides made by Lakshadweep's seaweed farming venture garnered national attention, culminating in a historic moment during President Smt Droupadi Murmu's visit in April 2023. Recognising the transformative impact of the initiative, the President commended the dedication and resilience of the women beneficiaries, underscoring the pivotal role of seaweed farming in the region's socioeconomic fabric. This recognition not only validates the efforts of the community but also highlights the potential of such initiatives to drive inclusive growth.

Research and Development: Nurturing Seeds of Innovation

Behind the scenes, extensive research and development efforts have laid the groundwork for Lakshadweep's agricultural renaissance. Collaborative initiatives between ICAR-CMFRI, local fisheries departments, and private entities have paved the way for scientific advancements, including species trials, cultivation protocols, and capacity-building programs. This concerted endeavor not only drives innovation but also ensures the sustainability of seaweed farming practices. The establishment of seaweed hatcheries, seed reserves, and seaweed health monitoring facilities underscores a commitment to scientific rigor and long-term viability.

A Collaborative Vision: Navigating Towards Sustainable Growth

Looking ahead, the roadmap for Lakshadweep's agricultural transformation is guided by a shared vision of sustainable growth and inclusive development. Leveraging private-public partnerships, government initiatives such as the Kisan Credit Card and Mudra Loans program are fostering an enabling ecosystem for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, investments in infrastructure, research, and skill development underscore a commitment to nurturing a thriving seaweed enterprise that enriches both livelihoods and ecosystems. By popularising the Kisan Credit Card (KCC) and Mudra Loans program, the Lakshadweep Administration aims to further support the development of the seaweed enterprise, ensuring equitable access to financial resources.

As Lakshadweep sets sail towards a brighter future, the success story of seaweed farming stands as a testament to the region's resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering spirit. In harnessing the bounty of its seas, the archipelago not only cultivates prosperity but also nurtures a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, research institutions, private companies, and local communities exemplify the power of collective action in driving positive change.

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