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Top 4 Profitable and Low Cost Diwali Business Ideas

Here are some low-cost suggestions for small companies to implement during the current festival season to help them generate more money.

Chintu Das

The journey to Diwali has commenced, and the festival of lights is important for both individuals and businesses in the country. For many people, Diwali signifies the start of a new year, and it is a good time to start a new business. 

Consumers take advantage of this opportunity to make improvements to their homes and businesses. SMEs all throughout the country may take advantage of the holiday season to interact with clients while also increasing profit margins. 

Here are some low-cost suggestions for small companies to implement during the current festival season to help them generate more money. 

Offer Diwali Decorations for Sale: 

Every year, in the days leading up to Diwali, people all around the country adorn their homes. People adorn their homes with string lights, diyas, candles, rangoli, flowers, and auspicious stickers, depending on whatever state they live in. 

Learning from prior customer habits and selling these goods is a straightforward and low-cost business concept. If you acquire these things from wholesale providers, the money necessary to purchase them isn't too high, and you'll be able to recoup your initial investment and make a profit by selling them this month. 

Other religious things you might stock are Genda (Marigold flowers) and Rose flower petals, as well as idols of gods and goddesses revered during Diwali. 

Offer Traditional Clothing For The Festivities: 

If you are thinking of setting up an apparel shop, now is a good opportunity to set up your shop and switch up your inventory for more festive traditional attire that customers will wear throughout the festival season. Many people attend Diwali parties and family gatherings in the weeks preceding up to the holiday, in addition to celebrating on Diwali. As a result, now is an excellent time to carry things that your consumers are more likely to buy, such as traditional suits, saris, shoes, and jewelry for ladies, as well as traditional apparel and shoes for men. 

Offer Gifts For Sale: 

People open their hearts and wallets around Diwali, bringing presents to every occasion in addition to cleaning, decorating, and praying. 

You might provide the customers the option of purchasing personalized gift baskets. The things that go into the gift hampers are already items you sell, so all you'll need to invest in are baskets and gift-wrapping supplies, which you can get at a discount from a wholesale market. You may charge somewhat higher pricing to your clients since you'll be offering them with a value-added service such as gift wrapping and a curated gift selection and thereby increase your profit margins at a cheap cost. 

Offer Specially Prepared Diwali Dishes As Well As Traditional Snacks: 

You might start a temporary Diwali business catering to folks throwing Diwali gatherings and parties if you simply like cooking. Traditional Indian sweets and snacks to eat and present, substantial amounts of Indian cuisine, and desserts to finish the evening should all be on the menu. 

People frequently visit family and friends around this time, so it's traditional to keep Indian sweets and snacks on hand in case an unexpected visitor drops by. You may spread the word that you're accepting bespoke orders if you live in a close-knit neighborhood, and because the ingredients used in most Indian sweets and snacks are readily available and inexpensive, you'll be able to profit handsomely from the sales you make. 

Bottom Line: 

While most of the business ideas listed above take minimal funding to get started, if you're an entrepreneur with greater aspirations for your small business this festival season, consider trying one of the above-mentioned business ideas.

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