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Marigold Flower Uses and Benefits

Marigold flowers are found almost everywhere in the world. These flowers grow easily, blossom reliably, and have less insect and disease problems.

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Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Marigold flowers are found almost everywhere in the world. These flowers grow easily, blossom reliably, and have fewer insect and disease problems. Marigolds are highly valuable for medicinal purposes like headaches, swelling, toothache, wounds and many skin problems.

In addition, they have been used in cooking. It is said that marigold flowers originated in Egypt and the Romans first introduced it to Britain and other nations. Marigold was one of the earliest cultivated flowers. The ancient Greeks used the petals of marigold for decorations and other purposes like make-up, coloring food (stews, soups, pudding etc) dying fabrics & medicinal uses.

The marigold petals can be utilized as a herbal infusion, topical solution & eyewash. You can also brew it into tea. You can easily grow this flower in your garden, all you need to know is a guide to grow MARIGOLD.

Marigold Flowers Uses

Here are some Medicinal Uses of Marigold Flowers

Heals Skin Wounds, Burns & Rashes

Marigold since ages have been used to treat irritated skin problems like burns, wounds and rashes. When applied on the skin, it reduces inflammation, redness, sensitivity, dryness & swelling.


Flavonoids present in marigold flowers have been found to exhibit cytotoxic, anti-inflammatory & inhibitory activities against colon cancer, leukemia & melanoma cells.

Body toxins

Marigold is helps in the body's detoxification process by removing all toxic materials that have accumulated in the body. This detoxification not only benefits our digestive system, but also lymphatic system by helping induce drainage & ease inflammation of lymph nodes.


Bursitis or inflammation of the bursa sac often causes severe pain because of swelling. As a substitute to injections, surgery or paddings, marigold flowers can be used for paste as well as pad therapy to help alleviate discomfort & inflammation.

Menstrual pain

Marigold flowers offers benefits for the proper regulation of the processes that occur in the female reproductive system. These flowers help in relieving menstrual pain and cramps.

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Women Plucking Flowers

Skin conditions

Marigold is also been used in alleviating various skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Marigold essential oil, when applied on skin helps in reducing damage caused by UVB radiation. In addition, according to a study held in 2018, it was found that marigold methanol extract has high levels of polyphenols, which provide anti-aging effects to the skin.

Naturally Repels Insects

Due to its strong smell, antioxidant content and volatile oils, these flowers can be used to naturally fend off mosquitoes, pests & other insects. For this reason, marigolds are planted at home gardens and also used in extract form in candles.

Other benefits of marigold flowers

  • It also treats ingrown hairs

  • Reduces dermatitis & eczema

  • Soothe skin after shaving

But before you start using marigold flowers to help ease a health issue, it is better to consult a health practitioner to get the right dosage. Pregnant women and those having allergies may avoid using it.

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