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This Extravagant Pizza is The Costliest in World with A Whopping Rs. 9.5 Lakhs Price Tag

Pizza always makes our mouths water a bit for sure. It is a delicious treat covered with cheese and topped with all of our favorite toppings.

Shruti Kandwal
You might be curious as to why a 7-inch pizza would cost such an outrageous amount.
You might be curious as to why a 7-inch pizza would cost such an outrageous amount.

Since the pizzas served nearby are generally reasonably priced, most of us do not spend much money on them. However, did you know that the most expensive pizza in the world costs 9.5 lakhs? Shocking, right? We were shocked to hear this as well. Continue reading to find out more about the costliest pizza in the world.

Pizza is associated with Italy; thus, it is quite natural that Italy is where this incredibly costly pizza is from.

This expensive pizza is known as Louis XIII, and it can only be purchased in the Italian city of Salerno. The priciest pizza in the world has a 7-inch diameter. It is so tiny that perhaps just two people can fulfill their hunger with it.

What comes in this Extravagant Pizza?

You might be curious as to why a 7-inch pizza would cost such an outrageous amount. Well, there are a number of steps involved in making the pizza and serving it to the crowd. According to the phrase, waiting is worth it for the best things, and you must wait in order to have the tastiest pizza. Ready to devour this pizza in its entirety? In order to enjoy the priciest pizza, you must order it three days in advance of your visit.

The restaurant makes sure to deliver the tastiest toppings made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. The key to the best pizza crust is always the dough, and for the most delectable pizza crust, they prepare the dough with organic flour from Arabia. The dough must ferment for 72 hours. That's a lot of work done in the background, right? They use Murray River pure pink salt from Australia to deliver the best flavor.

The Fanciest Toppings

Let's move on to the best part now! TOPPINGS! The most enticing pizza toppings include three varieties of caviar, Norwegian lobster, and seven distinct cheese varieties.

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII is an additional treat that is served with this unique pizza. This expensive beverage has a bottle price of almost Rs. 3 lakhs. Along with all these luxurious experiences, you receive a bottle of wine that costs 2.5 lakh rupees.

Undoubtedly, it is a lavish and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Are you ever going to try this pizza? Let us know through the comment box given below!

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