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Top 5 B2B Marketplaces Shaping the Future Of Agriculture in India

Agritech startups are utilizing technology to build market links including B2B marketplaces and digital agriculture platforms. This blog includes top 5 agritech startups disrupting the B2B marketplaces in India.

Chintu Das
Digital Agriculture
Digital Agriculture

Agritech startups are utilizing technology to build market links including B2B marketplaces and digital agriculture platforms. A large part of the traditional supply chain across diverse sectors faced a significant setback in covid times. B2B marketplaces have taken the advantage of this opportunity, offering quality products at reasonable prices and reliable delivery schedules, coupled with necessary standard credit terms. They are able to address the input challenges of India's agriculture from the get-go.

Agricultural businesses are able to benefit from the abundance of connections; they can find new prospects, customers, suppliers, and address the issues faced by farmers every day. Farmers can get the correct information, techniques, and efficiencies from them both for their pre-harvest applications and post-harvest use cases. Additionally, B2B markets offer a wide array of different avenues to buy and sell.

The top 5 agritech startups disrupting the B2B marketplaces in India are:


Bijak is a B2B marketplace for agricultural commodities that enables traders, wholesalers and food processors to determine counterparties, get better pricing, and access working capital. The startup conveys accountability and transparency in the agricultural value chain through a buyer/seller rating system that’s based on real time transaction data. Users on the platform can leverage those ratings to recognize and trade with reliable counterparts. It’s approach of empowering the existing players in the value chain highlights the company’s vision to be a trusted partner of the agriculture commerce community. The app is vigorously used across 1000 regions in 29 states and UTs, has over 30000 registered users and oversees trade in over 100 commodities.


DeHaat is India's homegrown, largest full-stack agritech company. It uses AI-enabled technologies in revolutionizing supply-chain, production efficiencies in the farming sector. Nurturing a community of over 800,000 farmers, DeHaat offers services ranging from distribution of high-quality agricultural inputs, customized farm advisory, access to financial services, and market linkages to sell their produce. DeHaat has built a rural retail network of more than 3,000 micro-entrepreneurs for last-mile delivery and aggregation, with an overall base of 700,000 farmers  across 7 states on its platform.


AGRIM is building the largest digital platform for India’s USD 50 billion Indian agri-inputs industry by connecting retailers directly with manufacturers and providing all parties with solutions for distribution, credit, logistics, and marketing. Agrim currently works across 500 districts, with over 2,500 manufacturers and 170,000 retailers on the platform.  


ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest B2B marketplace digitizing the natural fibre supply chain. ReshaMandi provides a full-stack digital ecosystem in the form of a super app, from farm to retail. ReshaMandi providing value-added services such as quality testing, technical advisory, high-quality inputs, and market linkages. ReshaMandi has boarded more than 35,000 small businesses spanning across farmers, small and medium enterprise manufacturers, and retailers onto its supply chain. The startup’s processes have helped increase small business incomes by 35-55% and pushed the use of indigenous raw silk dramatically. Recently, they launched their in-house label ReshaWeaves that offers responsibly sourced natural fiber products that are exclusive and sustainable.


Founded in 2016, AgNext Technologies provides deep-tech enabled solutions for food quality assessment, monitoring, and management. The company has innovated full-stack solutions, based on a unique integration of adaptive hardware, integrated software, and data analytics, which aim to solve quality-related issues in the post-harvest agriculture value chain.

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