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Edible Oil Manufacturers Cut Wholesale Prices By Rs 4 To Rs 7 Per Litre

After the Solvent Extractors Association (SEA) urged its members to do the same, major edible oil companies lowered wholesale rates to relieve customers of excessive prices during the festival season.

Chintu Das
Edible Oil
Edible Oil

Major edible oil players, such as Adani Wilmar and Ruchi Soya Industries, have dropped wholesale prices by Rs4-7 per litre to help customers over the holiday season, and additional businesses are anticipated to follow suit, according to industry group Solvent Extractors Association (SEA).

Following the SEA's call on its members to do the same in order to relieve customers of excessive pricing during the festival season, these firms have decreased wholesale prices.

In a statement, SEA president Atul Chaturvedi remarked, "The response from the sector is really promising." According to the SEA, they have already agreed to lowering wholesale bulk pricing by Rs4,000-7,000 per tonne (Rs4-7 per litre), and others are following suit to lower edible oil prices.

Domestic soybean and groundnut harvests are regaining this year, according to Chaturvedi, who also expects a bumper rapeseed crop based on early indications of mustard seeding.

Apart from that, the global edible oil supply situation is improving, which is anticipated to cool down worldwide prices even more, lowering local costs over the next wedding season, he noted.

Domestic edible oil prices have grown in lockstep with worldwide rates, owing to a decrease in edible oil supply for food consumption as a result of biofuel diversion in Indonesia, Brazil, and other nations.

More than 60% of India's edible oil needs is met by oil imports. Any increase in global pricing directly affects local prices.

To keep prices in line, the government took a number of steps, including slashing import taxes in the second week of October, according to the SEA, which helped contain runaway costs and is now reflected in domestic wholesale rates.

About SEA

The Solvent Extractors' Association of India was founded in 1963 with the goal of assisting and encouraging the development and expansion of the Indian solvent extraction industry. The Association now has 875 members, including roughly 350 operational solvent extraction units with a total annual capacity of over 30 million tonnes of oil cake/oilseed processing.

The Association is an all-India organisation for the solvent extractions sector and the country's largest vegetable oil association, with a diverse membership of rice bran, oil cakes, minor oilseeds, and soybean processors.

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