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First Unique Variety of Soft Seeded Pumpkin in India Developed

A unique pumpkin variety has been developed by the Ludhiana-based Punjab Agricultural University. This unique pumpkin does not have a hard seed coat.

Tooba Maher

A unique pumpkin variety has been developed by the Ludhiana-based Punjab Agricultural University. This unique pumpkin does not have a hard seed coat. 

The Research Evaluation Committee and the State Varietal Approval Committee has approved this variety of pumpkin for cultivation in Punjab,” said Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Head of Department of Vegetable Science at PAU.  

He mentioned that, “Plants of cucurbit family have a thick and leathery seed coat. Decorticated seeds of muskmelon, watermelon, longmelon and cucumber are commonly used for confectionery and home preparations in India. We have now developed a unique pumpkin variety that does not have the hard seed coat and can be used as it is.” 

Mr. Dhatt also stated that it is the first variety of ‘soft’ seeded pumpkin in India and its cultivation at commercial level will meet the domestic requirement of snack seed and bakery industry as well as offer opportunities for exports. 

It is interesting to know that, raw or roasted pumpkin seeds are used as snack food in many parts of the world. Their uses vary in different countries. They are also used for cooking, baking, nutrient supplement and functional agent.  

However, the oil of pumpkin seeds is used in cooking and salad dressing, particularly in Europe and America,” Mr. Dhatt said. 

He further added that, export possibilities of this seed could help farmers in boosting their income. 

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