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Mandi Updates: Mustard Prices Plunge Below MSP, Concerns Loom Over Farmers Nationwide

The recent fluctuations in mustard prices in Indian markets have seen a sharp decline, dropping below the government-set minimum support price (MSP) of Rs 5650 per quintal. Despite a previous surge in prices, farmers are now facing averages of around Rs 5500 per quintal, causing concern among agricultural communities.

KJ Staff
Representational image. (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)
Representational image. (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

Oilseed markets have witnessed a stark turn as mustard prices, after a staggering surge at the year's end, have sharply plummeted, dipping below the minimum support price (MSP). Despite the central government's MSP pegged at Rs 5650, farmers across the country are grappling with mustard prices averaging Rs 5500 per quintal, below the stipulated support price.

In a snapshot from the Agmarknet portal by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on Saturday (January 6), nearly all markets, barring a single exception, reported mustard prices trailing below MSP. The Shimoga market in Karnataka notably recorded the highest mustard price at Rs 8800 per quintal, contrasting with most markets where prices hovered around Rs 5500 or even lower.

Amidst these fluctuations, concerns emerge over falling prices attributed to dwindling demand. Experts caution that without a surge in demand, further price drops could be imminent, intensifying worries among farmers relying on mustard cultivation.

Optimal sowing timing and crop quality hold key importance in mustard's profitability within the Rabi oilseed crop cycle. Cultivation techniques and timely sowing significantly impact production and yield. Agricultural experts stress the importance of the September to November sowing window for mustard, projecting March to April as the harvest period. However, the current drop in prices stems from sluggish international market demand, impacting the domestic scenario.

Farmers are hopeful that with the arrival of the new crop in the market, there might be a resurgence in prices. The fluctuation in crop prices is often contingent upon quality, with traders determining rates accordingly. The quality of the crop plays a pivotal role in dictating its market value, a crucial consideration for both farmers and traders.

For those interested in exploring the prices of various crops in their respective state markets, the official website [agmarknet.gov.in](https://agmarknet.gov.in/) provides a comprehensive list. Understanding the price dynamics of different crops and their quality assessment remains pivotal in navigating market fluctuations for both farmers and traders alike.

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