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Mango sales suffer COVID blow; More Details Inside

Saumy Deepak Tripathi
Saumy Deepak Tripathi

With the economy being opened by the government every sector is looking to speed up its production to get over the losses sustained due to lockdown. The economy may have opened but several areas have seen unprecedented losses still. The Mango market which always generates massive profits in the past years has seen revenues nosedive this year.

The mango market has seen a decline in revenues between 20-30% according to various estimates and it has hit the industry hard. One of the main causes of it has been the decline in demand due to the lockdown. The lockdown has greatly impacted the financial savings of the majority of the population of the country.

Another reason is that the export of the mangoes has also seen a massive decline. In any normal year India would export about 50,000 tonnes but due to the lockdown the demand has seen a sharp decline. The government also tried to increase the sales by providing tax benefits for it but it has failed to generate any positive results.

The sudden rise in coronavirus cases during June also created a fear which had a great impact on the mango industry. The farmers say that they have not seen a season as bad as the current year. The mangoes are being sold at Rs. 15-20 per kg. The mango farmers have also suffered pests which have led to loss of produce.

The season of mango is still not over but the conditions looks bleak and this season is definitely going to leave the farmers with crippling losses.

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