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Soybean Planting in Brazil Continues but Dry Weather Concerning for Farmers

Dry weather conditions prevailing in the soybean growing regions of Brazil is raising concerns regarding delayed planting of the crop. Unfavorable weather during early growing season is also a matter of concern

Abhijeet Banerjee

Dry weather conditions prevailing in the soybean growing regions of Brazil is raising concerns regarding delayed planting of the crop. Unfavorable weather during early growing season is also a matter of concern. Soybeans generally fail to generate normal yields in case adverse weather prevails during peak growth phase. A drier climate turns during the early stage or pod filling period becomes more crucial than dryness during the early or vegetative phase. This is because soybean can give normal yields in case an unfavorable weather during vegetative period is followed by favorable weather during the pod filling period. Uneven climate in Brazil was reported this week due to higher temperatures dry conditions across greater part of western Brazil. Soybean crop development status in major producing states of Brazil is discussed below:  

Mato Grosso – The crop was reportedly 98.4% planted late last week compared to 98.4% last year and 95.8% average. There are estimations of soybean acreage in Mato Grosso to increase by 2.8% to 10,2 million hectares (25.1 million acres) and the statewide yield  is estimated at 3,500 kg/ha (52.1 bu/ac) while total production is pegged at 36.8 million tons, an increase of 2.7% versus last year. 

Parana Soybeans – Planting in the state of Parana is nearing completion and roughly 92% complete.  Reports say that few regions may be replanted due to poor plant populations resulting from dry conditions especially in the northern part of the state. Also, more rains are needed Additional over the next several weeks to avoid reduction in the yields. The state’s production is estimated at 20.5 million tons, lower by 1% when compared to 2019/20 production.  

Municipality of Doutor Camargo - In the municipality of Doutor Camargo, planting was delayed 30 to 40 days because of drier climate and replanting is required in few areas. The rainfall has improved of late and there are reports of soybeans to give normal yields if sufficient rains are received in coming days, apart from favorable climatic conditions.   

Rio Grande do Sul soybeans – The crop in Rio Grande do Sul were 35% planted in the recently ended week as per official agencies. Planting has slowed because of drier climate but there prospects for rains are improving now.  

Bahia Soybeans – Bahia is the largest soybean planting state in northeastern Brazil and according to estimates from the Irrigated Farmers Association of Bahia, the entire irrigated soybean crop in Bahia has been sown, while 70% of the dry land soybean planting is over. Because of abundant rainfall farmers in the state are expecting a record soybean production in 2020/21. There are estimations of 5% increase in soybean production in the state.  

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