16th Sustainability Summit

16th Sustainability Summit

16th Sustainability Summit will be organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry on 2-3 September 2021 at CII, Delhi, India. This Summit will build discussions on importance of green finance, science and technological innovations that will step up actions for a green and inclusive recovery.

In order to build a resilient future, a return to business-as-usual, environmentally destructive investment patterns and activities have to be avoided. Adopting solutions that are sustainable, financing the sustainability agenda, creating green jobs, facilitating the transition to a carbon neutral future, slowing biodiversity loss, increasing circularity and inclusivity are key priorities to accelerate the transformation. The continuity of human presence in this world depends on these solutions that require major efforts and a high expenditure towards integrity of the ecosystem for future generations.

The 16th Sustainability Summit will bring to fore captivating deliberations and intellectual insights that will inspire in creating a movement to deliver ambitious actions for a resilient future. It will emphasize on the interactions and interconnectedness between elements of physical, social, natural and human capital.

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Event Name: 16th Sustainability Summit
Date: 2-3 September 2021


Mobile: 011-41502175

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