3rd Global Conference of World Banana Forum

The World Banana Forum (WBF) has announced that its Third Global Conference and it will take place from 7th to 10th November 2017 in Geneva at CICG (Geneva International Conference Centre). 

The themes for discussion include environmental impacts of the industry, adapting to climate change, sustainable production systems, and distribution of value in the supply chain, labour rights, decent work and gender equity. 

The conference, which is now open for registration, will benefit everyone who has an interest in the banana sector - from producer and consumer organizations to governments, retailers, traders, NGOs, development agencies and research institutions. 

Some 250 participants are expected to attend, in particular, representatives from the various organizations that are members of the WBF such as banana producing and trading companies, producer organizations, civil-society organizations, worker unions, research institutes and government agencies. 

“The banana industry is excited about this event”, says Pascal Liu, the Coordinator of the WBF. He further added that working together to promote sustainable banana value chains has never been so vital. The conference is an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between stakeholders of the industry and to translate ideas into actions. It will bring together experts and share the latest innovations in sustainable practices in banana production and trade.






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