3rd World Congress on Earth Science and Climate Change

3rd World Congress on Earth Science and Climate Change

3rd Global Physical Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change” Slotted during June 17-18, 2021, includes Keynote talk, Plenary talks, Symposiums, Workshops, Poster Presentation and Panel discussion on the latest research developments in the field of Earth Science & Climate Change. The theme of this year would be the Understanding The Science Of Climate Change. Earth science incorporates all fields of science related with the world Earth. This is frequently a part of science dealing with the physical constitution of the world and its air. Earth science is that the investigation of our planet's physical qualities, from seismic tremors to raindrops, and floods to fossils. The various motivation behind the world sciences is to recognize the present capacities and consequently the past advancement of the world and to utilize this data, whereby adequate, for the benefit of human race. Some earth researchers utilize their data of the world to invent and create vitality and regular asset. Others study the effect of human activity on Earth's condition, and style approaches to ensure the world.

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Event Name: 3rd World Congress on Earth Science and Climate Change
June 17-18, 2021

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Address: 1st Floor, 906(F) Kalinga Nagar, Bhubaneswar- 751003, Odisha
+91 7735912022

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