BioAg World Congress

The BioAg World Congress is produced 'by the BioAg industry for the BioAg industry and unites continents, allows face-to-face networking to grow distribution networks and offers the latest technical advances within BioAg.

Global BioAg Linkages shall conduct the event from Feb 18th to 20th in Le Meredien, Delhi, bringing stakeholders in the BioAg industry to address opportunities and fight challenges.

Biopesticides, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers and ICM/IPM are crucial tools needed for farmers across the globe. These four themes shall be discussed under 8 sessions.

Session 1: BioAg products: field to fork need
Session 2: Double whammy: Nutrition and abiotic stress management
Session 3: Regulation- Hurdle or necessity
Session 4: BioAg linked to AgTech and Precision Ag
Session 5: Investment in BioAg& ROI- still a challenge?
Session 6: Biopesticide revolution- challenges and opportunities
Session 7: Blue ocean opportunities in BioAg
Session 8: Farmer and consumer needs to be at the core of BioAg

The agenda can be found at-

Event Name: BioAg World Congress

Date: 18-20 February 201*

Venue: Le Méridien Windsor Place, New Delhi 110001 


Contact on below addresses for stall booking:

Ms. Sabine Henning

Business Director, Global BioAg Linkages Europe


Phone: +32 (0) 485500334



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