Green Chemistry 2021

Green Chemistry 2021

International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy (Green Chemistry 2021) will be organized by the Magnus Group on 17- 18 May 2021 in virtual mode. The theme would be “Emphasize the Biodynamic scheme of Green Chemistry”.

The main purpose of the conference is to gather researchers from different areas of Science and Engineering with a common goal of sustainability. The Conference program will be both exciting and ground-breaking in its wide-ranging and multidisciplinary content.

Conference Topics:

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Green Catalysis & Green Technology

  • Applications of Green Chemistry

  • Biomass / Bio-energy

  • Green & Eco Friendly Polymers and Materials

  • Green Chemistry in Environment

  • Green Nanotechnology

  • Green Synthesis

  • Waste reduction, waste capture and recycling

  • Renewable energy- conversion and storage

  • Analysis of emerging pollutants

  • Green & Sustainable Chemistry

  • Analytical Methods in Green Chemistry

  • Bioremediation & Biodegradation

  • Biopolymer & Bio- plastics

  • Future Trends in Green Chemistry

  • Green Environmental Toxicology

  • Green Sustainable Agriculture

  • Green Solvents & Separations

  • Catalysis- recent developments in bio catalysis, organic and inorganic catalysis

  • Wastewater treatment, Nano- technology in water treatment

  • Green Chemistry in other fields

For other details, please contact:

Event Name: Green Chemistry 2021
Date: 17- 18 May 2021

Magnus Group

Mobile: +1 (540) 7091879

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