International Conference on Food Microbiology

International Conference on Food Microbiology

International Conference on Food Microbiology will be organized by Meeting Fora on 29- 30 June 2021 in virtual format. The Food Microbiology conference concluded with a two days event packed with power networking sessions, keynote sessions, oral presentations, and industry insights along with poster presentations.

Food Microbiology conference will be focusing on increasing challenges and complexity posed by diverse aspects of food microbiology, ranging from international and local/regional issues in food safety and food hygiene to food biotechnology, and to the application of molecular approaches in all aspects of modern food microbiology.

Scientific Sessions:

Track 1: Food Microbiology

Track 2: Food Contamination and Spoilage

Track 3: Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Track 4: Foodborne Pathogens and Food Poisoning

Track 5: Brewing technology and Oenology

Track 6: Food Safety and Preservation

Track 7: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Track 8: Microbiology of Fermented Foods and Beverages

Track 9: Single Cell Protein

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: International Conference on Food Microbiology
Date: 29- 30 June 2021

Meeting Fora

Mobile: 9078053939

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