Sugar summit is back for its 13th edition keeping innovation in mind. Sugar summit will bring together the top global leaders of the sugar industry in goa this year to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the global sugar markets, bringing together top regional and global leaders to solve the big challenges. For the first time ever, content will be streamed live from india to the world! this year's sugar summit will have a hybrid model of conference & exhibition where we will have an exclusive physical conference in goa in the month of november and whilst the physical event goes on, we have got people covered who couldn't make it to the event with a virtual conference & exhibition.


  • Global Sugar Market Dynamics

  • The World Sugar Market: Demand & Supply

  • Sugar production and export in 2021 and Trends for 2022

  • Sugarcane and Sugar Industry in India : Overview and Research and Development Prospects

  • India's Ethanol Growth Story: Challenges ahead?

  • Indian Government Strategy for Sugar & Ethanol

  • Ethanol Blending Policy: Status & Implementation.

  • Global Ethanol Production Expansion and Trade

  • Ethanol Production, the challenges and way forward

  • Techniques and Innovation in Cane and Sugar Industry

  • Developing Ethanol Markets in the World / Expanding the global use of ethanol

  • Biofuels: Global view of how supply & demand is evolving

  • Biofuels: Opportunities and Challenges in India

  • Biofuel and Bioenergy: Vision 2021

  • Cogeneration in Sugar Industries: India's Perspective

  • India's Continued Presence in the Global Sugar Market

  • Global Sugar Output: From Deficit to Surplus

  • Efficient Use of Sugarcane Bio-Energy for Sustainable Sugar Production in India

  • Role of Co-operative Sector

  • Innovation in Sugar Technologies

  • Risk Management / Futures Trading

  • Price Outlook Session

  • Product Diversification: Producing Sugar, Ethanol and Energy

  • Ethanol's Competitiveness in the Octane Market

  • Sugar and Beyond: An Integrated Strategy for Sugar and its By-Products

  • Strengthening Domestic Partnership – Milling, Supply Markets and Operations

  • The Rise of Blockchain Technology in the Sugar Industry

For stall booking, sponsorship options & other details, please contact:

24- 25 September 2021


Address: 1405 A wing, Adani Western Heights,
Four Bangalows, Andheri West
 Mumbai-400047 India
(+91) 022-62231245

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