Webinar on Cannabis, Hemp & its Research

Webinar on Cannabis, Hemp & its Research
Webinar on Cannabis, Hemp & its Research

Webinar on Cannabis, Hemp & its Research will be organized by the Coalesce Research Group on 29- 30 April 2021 in virtual mode. The theme would be “Recent Advances and Innovations in Cannabis and Hemp”. It is designed to serve as a virtual online platform for the speakers to showcase their highly insightful research work, knowledge from the field of Cannabis, Hemp & its Research to the audience and participants.

Advantages of Webinar:

  • Offers interactive opportunities to understand target audience

  • Reach the target the group directly live and exchange the views of each other

  • Cost effective by avoiding travel and accommodation booking

  • Time saving

  • Opportunities to connect with the hosts and fellow attendees

  • Wider reach across the world

Conference Highlights:

  • Cannabis and Hemp

  • Cannabinoids & Cannabidiol

  • Cannabis Oil benefits & Effects

  • Cannabis Medicinal Plants

  • Analytical Methods in Cannabis

  • Cannabis Gas Chromatography

  • Natural Hemp research

  • Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Industrial Use in cannabis

  • Ayurvedic Cannabis Medicine

  • Technologies in Cannabis Industry

  • Biochemistry & Drugs

  • Plant Biology

  • Long-Term Effects of Cannabis

  • Best Organic Hemp Flower

  • Cultivation and Pesticides

  • Envirormental impact

  • Inter-Discipinary research

  • Biochemistry and Drugs

For other details, please contact:

Event Name: Webinar on Cannabis, Hemp & its Research
Date: 29- 30 April 2021

Coalesce Research Group

Mobile: +1-3159022237

Registration Link:

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