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7 Different Types of Tractors and their Uses

Tractors play a crucial role in the field of agriculture. These tractors can be classified under various categories based on utility, rotatory tillers, row crop, compact, garden, to name a few.

Aarushi Chadha
Let’s take a look at the different types of tractors and what farming purpose they serve
Let’s take a look at the different types of tractors and what farming purpose they serve

Tractors play a pivotal role in the life of a modern-day farmer. Tractors have various applications in agriculture as well as field maintenance. Let’s dive into the different types of tractors that are used for agriculture.

Modern-day farming relies heavily on heavy-duty tractors. There are a number of agricultural tasks that a farmer has to perform and believe it or not, there is a tractor or machinery that is specifically designed to do those tasks.

For instance, compact tractors are made for heavy-duty landscaping jobs and ploughing of large fields. Sub-compact tractors can perform a wide range of tasks such as moving mulch, cutting grass, and tilling gardens.

Using manual labour to plough and prepare the land for sowing is both time-consuming and costly. Using a tractor to till and plough the land is faster than manual labour and also results in finer soil that produces a better-quality harvest. Tractors have also resulted in an overall decrease in production costs. With tractors, farmers are able to work more efficiently and reduce their day-to-day expenses.  

Different types of tractors:

Now let’s take a look at the different types of tractors and what farming purpose they serve.

Utility Tractor

Utility tractor is a type of tractor that is used for farming activities such as ploughing and pulling heavy goods. Tractors tend to be a major expense for most farmers and many of them can’t afford to buy a tractor that is aimed to do one task. Therefore, they invest in utility tractors because it is meant to perform a lot of general tasks, from landscaping to farming. These tractors are also used for pulling heavy farm equipment such as harvesters, threshers, tillers, etc.

Rotary tillers

Rotary tiller tractors are types of tractors that are used in smaller fields and fields that are at different heights. Rotary tillers are small enough to get into tight spaces and get on top of hills. These tractors are meant to cultivate the land and prepare it for sowing. By attaching a blade to the tiller, the farmer prepares seedbeds by taking the hard chunky soil and creating a fine, clod-free bed of soil.

Row crop tractors

Row crop tractors are multipurpose machines that deliver superior performance than utility tractors. These tractors can cover greater ground and provide quick action with easy steering. They also work efficiently in all weather conditions. Row crop tractors are used for cultivating, tilling, weed control, ploughing, pulling heavy machinery, and harrowing.

Compact tractors

Compact tractors are usually used in grape plantations and fruit and nut orchards. Compact tractors allow the farmer to sit comfortably and trim the trees or pick fruit. As its name suggests, compact tractors are smaller in size and this makes maneuvering and navigating small fields easier. It also consumes less fuel.

Implement carrier tractors

This type of tractor is widely used in India. It is available in different sizes and designs are used for farming activities such as loading, spraying pesticides, drilling, rotary sweeping, and drilling seeds.

Garden tractors

As the name suggests, garden tractors are meant to be used on smaller lands and by amateur hobby farmers or homeowners. A garden tractor is used to mow your garden and move snow. Garden tractors even come with attachments such as lawn sprayers, sweepers, spreaders, plug aerators, and tow-behind carts. They can be used for agricultural tasks such as spraying weed control, aerating the lawn, dethatch, fertilization, and spreading grass seeds in the lawn.

Two-wheel tractors

Two-wheel tractors are lightweight small tractors that are used for agricultural tasks such as ploughing and furrowing. You can even attach other farming equipment such as reapers, trailers, and cultivator gear. Two-wheel tractors are also called walking, walk-behind, or single-pivot tractors. Gasoline is used to power two-wheel tractors, which are commonly found in small farms and gardens.

The tractor is an amazing innovation that has immensely led to the speeding up of farm production.

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