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Follow These Simple Steps to Reduce Expenses on Diesel in Tractors

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

The monsoon in India is just around the corner and farmers are concerned about the plowing of their farms. The plowing requires a lot of hard work with tractors in the field. Farmers will need to put their tractors on work throughout the season, implying that they will need to purchase more and more diesel to keep them fueled. While at this time, the prices of diesel are surging very high, many small scale farmers would be in grave concern to purchase diesel. 

Keeping in mind the concern of the farmers, here we present some of the ways through which one can reduce the expenditure on diesel by up to 25 percent. 

Proper Maintenance of Tractors and its Motor Parts 

Experts believe that if a vehicle is well-maintained, cleaned, and serviced from time to time, it is likely that its work capacity will increase. Proper maintenance of the tractor reduces the load on the engine, which reduces diesel consumption. 

Repair Any Kind of Leakage 

Generally, in 6-12 months, the problem of leakage can appear in the vehicles. These days, this problem is emerging even in the new vehicles. Farmers often ignore the problem of leakage whereas experts say that even if a drop of diesel is leaked per second, you may lose more than Rs 1 lakh in a year. So, if there is any leakage problem in the diesel tank, one must repair it as soon as possible. 

Maintenance of Tyres 

The biggest contributor to diesel consumption is the wheels of the car. Do not put additional weight on the wheels. Keep a check on the air in the tires. A farmer must know the difference between the tires used for carrying out farming activities and the tires that are used to carry the burden. 

Turn off the engine When Not in Use 

Generally, even when not in use, farmers keep the engine running. In such a scenario, the fuel consumption is the same. Also, the induction system and air filter can get damaged if you do not turn off the engine while not using the tractor. So, turning off the engine should be kept in mind. 

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