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How to Take Care of Your Tractor? Find Some Awesome Maintenance Tips Inside!

It's critical to keep your tractor in good working order if you want to get the most out of a decent harvest. Here are some tractor maintenance ideas to keep it in good shape.

Chintu Das
Tractor Maintenance
Tractor Maintenance

Tractors are versatile farming equipment and have great commercial usage as well. These are the most significant purchases you can make to fulfill all your agricultural aspirations. Thankfully, banks now provide low-interest agricultural loans and tractor loans with simple payback conditions. Purchasing a tractor has been much easier in recent years. After the purchase, though, the real labour begins. To keep the tractor running well, you'll need to become a near-expert in tractor maintenance.

It's critical to keep your tractor in good working condition for it to function optimally & obtain best yield from your field. Every day, you must devote a significant amount of effort and perform proper maintenance procedures. Here are some tractor maintenance ideas to keep it in good shape:

1. Study The Tractor's Manual:

Every manufacturer provides buyers with a user handbook that includes information on how to properly care for their equipment. So, acquire the owner's manual and follow the instructions. It comprises a maintenance schedule, specs, and basic operating instructions, as well as the location of all equipment parts.

2. Gather All Of The Necessary Maintenance Equipment:

Tractor repair necessitates a different set of tools than that required for automotive maintenance. As a result, make sure you borrow or purchase a wrench, as well as any other tools you'll need to maintain your tractor.

3. Protect Your Tractor From Rain:

Make sure your tractor's exhaust system, seat, and instruments are all protected from the rain. So either store it in a garage or keep it well covered.

4. Check Fluids On a Regular Basis:

If any portion of the tractor leaks, the damage could be extremely costly. Check the owner's handbook to see which parts need to be inspected. Engine oil, coolant, battery electrolyte, transmission fluid, and hydraulic oil must all be checked.

5. Make Sure Your Tyres Have The Proper Air Pressure:

Inflation pressure does not have to be the same for all tractors. The front and rear tyres of the same tractor may require different pressures. As a result, check the air pressure on a frequent basis.

6. Keep An Eye Out For The Brakes:

Automatic brakes are included on almost all tractors. All you have to do now is ensure that your brake system is properly maintained and functioning. You must get your brake system repaired or replaced as soon as possible if it is not in working order.

7. Check The Filters: 

Dirt and dust can pollute the system and cause component failure. Tractors have filters to protect the system from harmful pollutants. It's a good idea to check the fuel and air filters on a regular basis. If it cannot be cleaned to the required standard, replace it.

8. Lubricate Frequently: 

The tractor must be thoroughly lubricated in order to perform properly. Check the oil level on a regular basis and use heavy-duty lubricants. Avoid using oils designed for automobiles and other light vehicles. Look for moving parts on the tractor and clean and oil them.

9. Don't Overload The Tractor: 

For whatever job you're doing, it's best to use a suitable size attachment. Make sure your tractor is not overloaded, otherwise it will quickly wear out.

Bottom Line:

How well you maintain your tractor determines how long it will last. To get the most out of your tractor, make sure you follow the above-mentioned instructions and maintain it.

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