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Mahindra-owned Pininfarina Designs An Uber Cool Tractor

The Mahindra-owned Pininfarina is renowned for designing some of the most impressive exotic and performance cars in the world.

Ayushi Raina
Mahindra-owned Pininfarina Designs
Mahindra-owned Pininfarina Designs

Tractors, no matter where you are, would hardly ever make you to halt, gaze, astonish, and stare again. The robust farm equipment is an absolute need, but not for its appearance. It is large, hefty, and frequently emits smoke.

Pininfarina, which is owned by Mahindra, is known for developing some of the world's most spectacular exotic and performance vehicles. In fact, the Batista supercar is about to enter production lines. While the Batista is built for performance, Pininfarina has also created a sleek and futuristic tractor for New Holland, a well-known company in the agriculture sector. 

Straddle, a tractor design conceived by Pininfarina, is tailor-made for vineyards throughout the world. Its design was inspired by a variety of sources. The primary unit for the driver, for instance, is inspired by a champagne flute with a broad head and a small base. The interior is contoured with glass all around, and the forward stance is inspired by sports car design.

Inside, the steering wheel is mounted on a single-frame yolk extension extending from the front window. 

The concept car has a lot of wood-finish on the panels to make it look more luxurious. If that isn't enough, the lone seat inside spins for an omnidirectional view. The side steps on this tractor design are a series of metallic dashes, and the entire frame is supported by four wheels. 

The Straddle is currently merely a concept, but there is no disputing that this is a tractor unlike any other. While mechanical specifications are unknown, New Holland affirms that electric power is intended to be at the heart of this design. 

"Our innovative straddle tractor idea provides a glimpse into the future that premium wine growers with narrow, high-value vineyards may aspire to," stated Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President. 

Is it time to invest in a vineyard, then? 

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