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New best featured tractor-Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI, 42 HP Tractors

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

The new Mahindra tractor has a very advanced technique, powerful 4-cylinder engine, with all new features, transmission and advanced hydraulics that ensures faster and better performance. Mahindra Yuova 475 DI is packed with best features in its category such as more back-up tarks, 12F + 3R gears, highest lifting capacity, adjustable deluxe seat, powerful rap-surround clear lens headlamp, etc. which separates it from others. It can run more than 30 different applications, which ensures that there are Yuovo for whatever is needed. 

Features - Mahindra 475 DI 


  • Number of cylinders - 4 

  • Capacity, CC - 2730 

  • Engine rated Rpm - 1900 

  • Transmission type - Partial Constant Mesh Transmission (Partial Constant Mesh Transmission)

  • Number of Gears - 8 forward + 2 Reverse, Brake Type - Oil Brake (optional), main clutch type and size - dual (optional) Lift capacity on hitch 

  • KG - 1500 kg

  • Steering type - power steering (optional) 

  • Fuel tank capacity - 48 liters 

  • Wheel base MM - 1945 

  • Tire size, Front + rear - 6.00X16 + 13.6X28 & 12.4

 Advanced engine: 

It offers 1900-rpm optimal strength and longer engine life, which will be found with unique KA technology. 

Partial Constant Mesh Transmission: 

This will help you to easy and smooth gear shifting, which will reduce the fatigue of the driver in the gearbox. 

Hi-Tech Hydraulic: 

Advanced and high precision hydraulic is especially complete with the use of modern equipments such as giroverter, etc. 

Agronomical design: 

The LCD cluster panel, suitable for allowing easy operation of the liver for a long time, with comfortable, easy access, for better visibility and large diameter steering wheel. 

Immersed brakes in multi-disk oils: 

Optimal brake detection and prolonged break life, thus ensuring less maintenance and high performance. 

Bow-type Front Excel: 

Creates a better tractor balance in agricultural work with easy and consistent turning speed. 

Dual acting power steering: 

Suitable for easy operation and long working period, easy and stick steering. 

Large 13.6 x 28 Tires: 

Provide better traction and less slippery in field operations. 

Mahindra 475 DI Price: 

On sites like India Mart, this tractor can be bought at a very attractive price because of Diwali explosion offers.You will get a large amount of discount. Its showroom price in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh is between Rs 5.5 lakh and Rs 6.0 lakh. 

On Mahindra 475 DE installments: 

If you want to take the installments on the Mahindra 475 then you have to pay 12 percent interest. For that, you will have to pay a monthly installment of Rs 13,215 for 60 months. 

Government grant on tractors: 

Government will give 25% subsidy on tractors if you take tractor more than 35 HP. 

Mahindra 475 DI response: 

Mahindra 475 DI response is also getting good. Farmers like these tractors. Its demand in the future seems to be growing. 

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