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Power Tiller – Information regarding prices and subsidies

A power tiller is a machine used in agriculture which is very common nowadays but many of our farmers aren’t unaware about the subsidies and other important information available on this machinery. In this article we have tried to clear all doubts regarding prices, availability and subsidies on power tillers.

Dr. Sangeeta Soi

A power tiller is a machine used in agriculture which is very common nowadays but many of our farmers aren’t unaware about the subsidies and other important information available on this machinery. In this article we have tried to clear all doubts regarding prices, availability and subsidies on power tillers. 

Power tiller is a machine used in agriculture for cultivation, tillage, sowing and weeding which contains a set of blades (tines) mounted with a wheeled housing and powered by gasoline engine or electric motor.  It is not possible to talk about agriculture and not to mention the power tiller, because power tillers have proved to be a better option for farmers.

The most appropriate thing about power tiller is that whether small or marginal farmer, power tillers can be used by everyone. It is also not necessary for the user to use it as a farmer; it is very easy to use. 

Importance of machine 

1. Power tiller machine has become very important for agriculture; because it is currently doing all that is considered important for agriculture such as cultivation, tillage, sowing, weeding etc. 

2. Some machines can also be added with the power tiller machine, which also increases its importance such as - Blood and router, Spray machine, sowing machine etc. 

3. One of the special features of the power tiller machine is that it can be less favorable to crops such as it is reduced to its width for the cultivation of sugarcane and it is widened to a maximum of 16 to 20 inches for other crops. 


The utility of power tiller has become necessary for every area of  agriculture whether it is sowing or plantation. Power tiller has become a vital requirement of every field of agriculture. The power tiller is very easy to use, it just needs to be balanced, it drives itself automatically. Power tiller has made agriculture accessible to farmers by reducing the need of a tractor and rotavator. Harvesting of every kind of crop is possible with power tillers such as: 

1. Sugarcane farming

2. Wheat farming

3. Rice cultivation

4. Paddy cultivation

Power tiller is being used at present for all this, for transplanting, weeding, irrigation. 

Price of the machine 

As the technique has changed, its impact has also been seen in the agricultural sector, in which power tiller has also been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. 

The power tiller price in India ranges from 11 thousand to 3 lakh, the price of this power tiller is based on its characteristics and companies. Power levelers of each level are available, but mainly 3 modal heads are  

1. Price of 6HP Power Tiller - 63000

2.Price of 7 HP Power Tiller - 55000

3. And 9 HP Power Tiller Price – 80000


Companies in India 

In the beginning, Indian companies did not have any particular interest and investment in the field of agriculture, so farmers had to resort to foreign companies to take the equipment of agriculture and had difficulty understanding the machine from its price but today in India there are many companies which are helping the farmers by creating modern machines like the Lion Power, Kisan Craft, BCS India Pvt. ., VST Tractors, Indtek Electro control, etc. 

Foreign brands 

If foreign companies or brands do things, then India has a good market, foreign companies are selling almost all their types of products in the present time such as tractor, rotavator, hull and power tiller etc. 

There are some major companies or brands – 

Lemkan, Honda, Kubota, Power Zone, Gardnland Power etc. 


A big concession in power subsidy is now been given in India. If you buy a machine under Scheduled Caste / Scheduled tribe category, you will get 50 percent subsidy. 40 percent subsidy is given to the General category people throughout India. 

If a farmer does not take expensive machines, then cheap machines and subsidies are available to them, such as - 36,000 machines also have 40 to 50 percent subsidy in India. COD i.e. cash on delivery is available on 10% advance payment. (This is only available on the Lion Power Company product).

Where to Buy  

No more trouble to buy any machinery related to agriculture. By visiting any online market website, you can buy the machine you want, and that too on easy installments options. Some major websites are as follows: 




Vsttillers.com etc. 

It is important to keep in mind that before purchasing any machine, gather all the information about the machine, on the website related to the machine or get the dealer's phone number from whom you can get proper information. If you avoid buying online, you can go directly to your nearest company branch and meet the dealer to get the full information. 

Whom to contact  

For all information related to the machine, contact your nearest dealer or you can get information about the related machine by visiting the company's website. 

Please contact 7588136360, 8796011123 for quotation and details. Rear Power Tiller is a multipurpose machine. It has adjustable rotor from 24 inches to 54 inches used for weeding. HTP, Water Pump can be connected to PTO Shaft given. Ridger and Cage wheel can be connected easily for soil preparation. 

To apply for subsidy download form, from the link below:  


List of documents required for different categories of Agricultural loan schemes 

  1. Common requirements:  

  2. KYC documents for identification. 

  3. Stamp size/Passport size photographs of the borrowers in duplicate. 

  4. Cropping pattern. 

  5. Copies of land records regarding lands owned/leased as certified by revenue authorities.  

  6. Latest land tax paid receipts are to be produced for verification.  

  7. Original/certified copies of the title deeds and other required documents to satisfy that the applicant is the true and legal owner of the land whenever landed property is offered as security/where developments are proposed and that it is free from encumbrance.

  8. Project report to be produced wherever applicable.

  9. Proforma invoice / invoice should be submitted wherever applicable.

Personal comment 

Power tiller machine is proving to be very useful in the current field and this machine is helpful in every field of agriculture such as cultivation, irrigation, sweetness etc., in such a low value and working as a substitute for a tractor. Through the above information farmers can gain lot of information and use it for their benefit. 

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