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This ‘Mini Tractor’ Designed By BIT Engineering Students is a Gift for Small Farmers

Students of Buddha Institute of Technology (BIT), in Gorakhpur have designed a model of mini tractor that will reduce the cost of cultivation for small farmers.

Abha Toppo
BIT Students with mini tractor (Pic Credit - News18)
BIT Students with mini tractor (Pic Credit - News18)

If you wish to do something then no one can stop you from doing that and students of the Buddha Institute of Technology (BIT), Gorakhpur have proved this so well. Shivani Singh, Abhishek Mall, Apeksha Singh & Gajendra Pandey, final year students of the mechanical department of BIT, under the guidance of Dhirendra Kumar have designed a model of mini tractor that will reduce the cost of cultivation for small farmers. The total cost of this tractor will be around Rs 25000-30000.

With this mini tractor, farmers will be able to plow around half acre of land in one liter of petrol. The students have claimed that at present the plowing of one bigha (less than 1 acre) land costs about Rs. 400 to 500 for the farmers, but this mini tractor will do the same work in just Rs. 90. They also told that farmers can very easily take the mini tractor to their fields. It has a 135 cc petrol engine and 13 hp power.

Mini tractor

It must be noted that in India, about 65 to 70 percent of the families depend upon agriculture for income. And that's why we have tried to invent something small and economical for them, a student said. Now, through this mini tractor, farmers with small land will also be able to plow all the corners of the fields, which was not possible with big size tractors.

It is important to mention that the model of this mini tractor designed by Shivani, Abhishek, Apeksha and Gajendra of BIT, Gorakhpur was selected as the second best model in the national level competition held at IIT BHU.

For more details regarding this mini tractor, you may directly contact Budha Institute of Technology, Gorakhpur.

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