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Un-Manned Milking of Goats

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Technology is one such thing which has touched every section of life and has made living a little easier. And agriculture is well not spared by it. Today Krishi Jagran presents you a technology from Israel, which perhaps would make you feel like being in a hi-tech movie. 

Science and technology in Israel is one of the country's most developed sectors. Israel spent 4.2% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on civil research and development in 2013, one of the highest ratios in the world. Israel ranks fifth among the most innovative countries in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. And with this record, an Israeli firm, SAC has developed a completely new and innovative external rotary – and it is designed for farms with large herds that want to milk fast and efficient.

This firm has developed an external rotary, which sucks the milk from the milk pouches of the goats. SAC has ensured that animal welfare is given optimal attention. The goats look perfectly trained when they enter the milking chambers. For each goat a separate milking chamber is allocated and silicon suction pumps are attached to the goats to fetch the milk in depositors.  The rotary milking parlour's entry and exit gates are designed to prevent crushing. All parts of the milking parlour have rounded edges for the best comfort. Milking over 1.000 goats an hour is no exception with for example a rotary with 100 places, moreover, with two milkers, you can milk up to 1.400 goats per hour, if you for example have a rotary with 120 or 140 places. And meanwhile the goats are milked, they are fed with fodder to kept them busy.

Milk and Milker Pros :

The position of the IDC control unit – and the milk line directly under the udder - ensures a short and gentle transport of the milk. Because of this, the fat globules remain intact – and the milk keeps its fresh and sweet taste. From the separator, the milk is pumped through a SAC frequency-regulated impeller milk pump to the cooling tank as slowly as possible. The system handles the milk with the outmost care. The high quality of the milk is kept in all aspects.

The external rotary from SAC meets all the demands to work ergonomic and efficient. The innovative and absolutely unique SAC-service-arm ensures that the HandyFlow2 cluster can be attached in the most ergonomic way. The arm and the vacuum are sensor-operated and do not require any physical labour. 

The machine has been made considering the hygiene and after milking, the machine goes for cleaning in automated mode.The data is generated to weight the milk and tester are also set up to justify the quality of milk sucked out of the goats. The automated system also keeps watch on the goats milking and machine performance. With this kind of machines, agriculture can be less laborious and would attract the youth and science altogether to work efficiently.


 Source : http://www.sacmilking.com

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