Hydroponic Set up

Like humans, domesticated animals raised for commercial purposes like milk, meat, wool etc need a balanced diet (animal feed) containing all the important nutrients, fluids, minerals, and vitamins. Sufficient nutrition gives your animals the vigour to grow, develop, and reproduce, as well as strong immunity to fight off infections in turn the animals become more productive.

Healthy Fodder can be grown with hydroponics- A method of growing crops without usage of soil with more efficiency.

What Setup is required to grow Fodder through Hydroponics?

Basic Model:

Three of the walls (Front, Middle, Back) are connected to one another by straps from below and bolts from above. On both from front and the back there are special clips to hold the pipes small in the front for water supply system and large on the back for Drainage system. The straps are bolted.

The water supply system is installed with pipes is connected with taps. This system is fixed with clips on the front end. The pump is located in water tank and is connected by additional pipes. The base of the module is bolted to the lower part of front structure then the lid is locked. The power for the pump is connected to the sensor. This module is connected to the network only after trays are filled with seeds.

Seeds Required: Corian, Mexican, American, Taiwan, Bermuda, Phaspelum Grass Seeds

Preparation of Seeds

  1. Seed Treatment - the container with seeds is filled with water. The volume of water = Volume of seeds.

  1. Seeds are disinfected with KMnO4, (0.1g in 10 ltrs of water). The bucket with seeds is soaked for 30 mins.

  1. Bucket with seeds is soaked in warm water for 12 hours.

  1. Seeds are placed in trays, the layer of seeds should be approximately 2 cm. 7-8cm should be left unfilled from the side of drain.

Setting the Motor of the Water Tank: By opening the lid on the timer, you should press the button with clock image.

For the first 3 days the seeds should be in full darkness.

The next 4 days should be underlighting from 8 am to 8 pm. You can use sodium lamps or LEDs

The optimum temperature for growing grass is 18 Degree Celsius

After grass is grown, it is the time to harvest .

One tray provides 20 kg of green grass

After 8 days we can collect 150-160kg of grass from whole installation.

20kg of grass is enough to feed two cows or 15 sheeps or 50 rabbits  or 400 hens

It is possible to extend the system

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